50% Off Day!!

Oh my, this day doesn’t come often but when it does, you need to get there early with your boxing gloves on.  Yes folks, 50% off day at Value Village.  A day at the place where 2nd hand stuff is usually WAY too expensive where you can buy 2nd hand items for hardly anything.  A day to get the most bang for your buck…oh 50% off day…how I love thee.  K I wont go into another ode today…I promise.

Anyway, I met Jennie there and it was already a zoo.  I managed to get a Jacob stretch denim pencil skirt, a Banana Republic skirt, two gorgeous coats because I never have nice coats to wear with nice clothes so one brown and one black.  Both very cute.  I found a duvet cover that I LOVE for Silas’ room and matching pillow cases so until we get something more permanent for him, this one works great.  I’m in love with it.  I got a pair of cute pink shoes, a tupperware container, one of those pasta strainers you put right in the pot, a Children’s Place shirt for Silas and I think that’s it.  New?? that would be…well…hundreds and hundreds…used?? 40 bones.  Ya…I’m that good.  Why don’t more people buy used again??  Oh ya, cuz it’s “gross”…riiiight.

Silas’ new bedding is in the wash right now, I’m so stoked for it.  My other items apparently are dry clean only but I’m going to hand wash them.  Poopoo on that idea.  Isn’t dry cleaning a bunch of chemicals?? Does it smell after?? I’m frightened.  I’ll only wash the coats like once ever unless I get like pee or poo on them so I think one hand wash should do hey??

Silas and Isaac had a grand old time too.  Both so cute…so stinking adorable.  Ooooo I love them.  Ikey schmoozed it up and Silas in his usual friendly way went up to people and said hi and even gave some hugs.  I love my friendly boys.  It’s so funny.

Anyway, it’s not too late, if there’s a VV near you…go spend some cashola!!


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