BI’s are HIRED

Last night we interviewed to LOVELY WONDERFUL people that I’m already in love with and we’re hiring them both to be Silas’ behavior interventionists.  I cannot believe how much we fit with this company, I just cannot believe it.  It’s like FINALLY something is easy.  Something works, something fits.

I’m in love with these two women.  They both are very enthusiastic and I love how they approach therapy.  They’re going to get him out of the house as much as possible which is PERFECT.  I hate the idea of ABA being at a table for 8 hours a day, I think that’s actually very very wrong.  In my opinion. I guess especially for a high functioning child like Silas.

These two women answered every question right.  They’re both into using positive language and telling the kids what they can do instead of what they can’t.  They never use the word “no” which is perfect.  They’re both ok with not using food as reinforcement for Silas, just a high five and a “good job” is all he needs.

There’s a tinnny red spider crawling on my monitor…I kinda like it.

Annnyway, I’m just too excited about this.  I’m SO happy we’ve found these people.

They really don’t see the children as something to be fixed, which I appreciate.  Other places we interviewed looked at Silas like a science project, or like a broken car.  He’s NOT broken, he’s different and he just learns differently.  He needs to be taught things like how to get dressed, but he doesn’t need to be taught things like how to count to 1000 by tens…he just knows.  He’s just different.

Goodness, I’m so glad I’ve moved on to embracing the autism.  Yes there’s still pain surrounding it, it’s freaking hard but I’m at peace with it, I’m constantly in wonder of the gifts Silas has and I just…OOOOO I just love him so much.

In other news…

stay tuned for COMING SOON!


  1. I’m happy you found your team! They are a big help and you will find that (hopefully) they will become an extension of your family. Ours certainly have!

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