Bleeping Universe is at it Again!!

Okay who made the voodoo doll??  Seriously??  Whatever I did I’m sorry.  I’m sick again!!!  Perhaps it’s the same sickness but it decided to work it’s way down to my lungs and fester there??  I kept the sinus infection at bay by rinsing my sinuses out a lot and I sailed through it just fine.  I felt fine for a few days and then this morning I started to cough.  Now i’m all achy in wimpy and grouchy and GRRRRRR.

Another glitch in the running plan.  There’s no way I can run with this cough, I’m really glad I did yesterday.  Maybe this is just my body cleansing?  Who knows.  Grrrrr.  I recently had a bad cough and my lungs stay pretty weak after a bad one so maybe that’s it.

Silas just went to bed without his smushy.  We accidentally left it at Jennies so I explained to him that it was there and he asked to use his shirt.  I took it off and he was happy.  Odd, no?  Perhaps it’s time to retire smushy.  I’d prefer to retire sucky.

Anyway,  it just feels like there’s a conspiracy or something, I know it’s not true but it seems like there’s a lot of hurdles all of a sudden.  Thankfully Jennie made me a big bowl of egg drop soup for lunch and that made my tummy happy.


  1. Just happened to come along via ‘bad mommy moments’.
    I think I know how you feel, same things happened to me for the last 2 months. I never ever really seem to get back on the ‘health track’. A cold here, a sinusitis there a lung inflamation and so on ,and the kids too. It is annoying! I just can’t wait for spring to finally arrive 😉

    Get well soon!
    Bright Blessings,

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