******* The give away is now over.  Congrats to Courtenay!  Enjoy your bag!*********

My dear friends. It is time for my very very first blog giveaway!! What you see before you now is something I labored over all weekend long and now I bring to you the first zaza bag that I’ve made!!

It’s actually the first thing I’ve ever sewn (other than shorts when I was 7) but it passed all of the top notch standards of the Zaza Bag Queen Bee….My sister Jennie. Who’s so anal that my hands are sore from rolling the fabric so I could get the perfect press on each seam.

The Hounds of Baskerville is composed mainly of herringbone tweed (saved from a high school sewing project). It is rich in texture and class. This delicious number was inspired by thinking of a Grandpa sitting on the couch. It is artfully constructed and tastefully designed. A treat for the senses, to say the least. It has two pockets on the backside and two pockets on the inside. It also has a delicious cell phone pocket on the side. All of this bag is made from recycled fabrics and left over odds and ends. There’s even a bit of upholstery fabric samples in here. We do not purchase anything for these bags as we are working on keeping our planet green and we want to be able to donate 100% of profits to Zaza’s adoption fund.

two pockets on the back

a delicious cellphone pocket.

So here’s how it works. You need to leave a comment on this post to be entered in the draw. If you write a little bit about this giveaway and Bags For Zaza on your blog and include the links you can have an extra entry. Just leave another comment on my blog with the link to your post (if a pingback didn’t appear). If you don’t have a blog you can get an extra entry by emailing at least 3 friends about this giveaway and Bags for Zaza and email it to me along with your friends ( Don’t forget to add the links.

If you don’t like this bag (ya right) you can check out Bags For Zaza and there is a bunch more up this week. Since loads of people ask for the same bag we are putting the bags up for auction. All of the bags will be auctioned at the same time. Auction closes at the end of the week so be sure to bid on the one you love the most. All of the proceeds go to Linda’s adoption fund. She’s adopting a darling little girl from Colombia. A cause I fully believe in. We’ve named her Zaza for the time being because we don’t know who she is.

So please enter the draw. Be sure to fill out your email address in the comment form. This is open to anyone. Land shipping will be free anywhere in Canada and the US. Other countries will have to pay the difference in the extra costs. Contest closes on Friday June 27th at 10:00 am Pacific.

PS I totally loved sewing this bag. I can’t wait to sew my next one. Who knew I could sew!??


  1. That is a fantastical bag Leah! Great job sewing. Enter me in the Contest! I know I already have a Zaza bag, but I have the perfect person to give one to.I’ll put this in my blog too.:)

  2. Can’t wait to give you guys all this fabric. I’ve been saving it forever but never knew why…now I know! Absolutely love the bag you made, so cute!

  3. Yeah for Leah, the seamstress. The bag looks fabulous, very urban and tweedy. I know it’s done well because of the quality control at Jen’s house. I’m not sure my bags would pass.

    You don’t have a picture of you wearing the bag where you look happy? I can tell you just finished sewing… and got home in a hurry to get the photo on……. :o)

  4. Ooh, you should be proud of me…I even figured out how to steal a picture from your blog and put it on mine. (Hey…better late than never…)

    Love the bag, love the concept, love YOU!

  5. I stole a picture of this great bag from your blog (hope you don’t mind) and told everyone about your giveaway and Bags for Zaza. What a great way to get the word out about these fantastic bags.

  6. I am loving your blog, girl! I saw the comment you left over at Jess’s place (about me being your hero, LOL) and just had to pop over. Hope you don’t mind! And, I did forget til you mentioned it……we didn’t do anything when Aunt Flo was in town (cuz Hubby said he’s not a ‘blood hound’), but I was on BC pills for so long that I barely ever had Aunt Flo come to visit. Man! This is some conversation for our first time, eh?!

    And if you can still stand to have me around, please enter me for this awesome bag. I’m also gonna bid on one of the others. They look great! Good job!

  7. Very Chic bag! I love to sew, but I’m not this talented! Great fundraiser – I’m adopting from Korea – families really need all the help they can get!

  8. Those shorts must have been interesting if you sewed them when you were 7. Don’t worry though, I’m sure Cootie had a pair too. Great improvement Leah 🙂 That looks like a sweet bag, and I’m totally in love with it. Court you better be thinking of me if you win it haha

  9. I want it I want it! I also blogged about you (and bags for darfur)
    Thanks for being you!

  10. Love the bag Leah, I think I could even make it work as a diaper bag. I especially love the inspiration of a grandpa on a couch. So peaceful and cozy in my mind.

  11. Leah I’m so proud of you…you are a seamstress, well at least you’re on your way. That is a good looking bag Congratulations!!!

  12. Awesome bag! I’ll be back after I post about it on my blog!

    meddlingkidd [at] aol [dot] com

  13. Leah – love the bag – plus all that your sister has made. I have put in a special order – a black and white to carry when I wear my dressy black pant suit – but a smaller size bag. I want it for the up coming symphony concerts – the one that cousin Andrea plays violin in. Love, Gram

  14. Sweet! It looks great! What do you normally sell them for? Kinda cool you are giving away the very first one you made! Enter my name in your draw…I might buy one even if I don’t win! 🙂
    Didn’t know till reading this that your sis was adopting. That’s awesome!

  15. Nice! It looks pretty. I think you will make it big with this bag, they workmanship is great. I would love to havei it, please enter me in this giveaway!

  16. Nice bag! I love the one you did for Courtenay, I’m sure she’s talking about me when she says ‘ it would be nice to give one’ haha. Just streaching my chances! 😉

    kepp it up

  17. Wow! You did a fantastic job sewing that bag. It is gorgeous. I absolutely love it as it is totally my style and I really hope I get lucky and win it. This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  18. this is such a cute bag, i’m such a bag nut, i have to have them all!

    i email my friends about your giveaway and i CCed it to you.

  19. what a great bag and so useful. you did a fantastic job on it. looks big and roomy. i would be proud to carry that around with me hope i can. thank you!

  20. I absolutely positively love this bag!! All of your hard work has paid off…this is the perfect bag for just about any occasion. I don’t usually care for bags but I want this one!

  21. AHaha what are the chances in the world! I didn’t win, Courtenay Did!! And she was actually talking about me! yeah! so I Win! Thanks alot, I will really enjoy this bag, I’ll have it right on time for my visit in Quebec! happy!

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