Day Dreaming

Do you ever daydream about things??  Make up an alternate situation for yourself in your head and just go with it?

Mine mostly are about winning the lottery and what I’d do with the money.  The topic excites me to no end.

We’d buy a modest house and modest cars, as close to being “green” as we possibly can.  Big enough to comfortably have our entire families over for big fun visits.  I wouldn’t go extravagent, I just can’t justify it in my head.  Nice, practical, green, organic and BIG so EVERYONE can come stay!!

I’d build my church an actual church.  We meet in a gym right now and how wonderful would it be for them to have a real building of their own?  I’d LOVE to build my church a church.

I’d take my family and loved ones on vacations.  We’d go everywhere, see the world.  Sister trips to spas, family trips to europe.  We’d explore the globe.

I’d pay off my siblings, parents and all inlaws debts and give them some spending money.

Doing SOMETHING for Africa is big to me.  Probably adopt a child and build a bunch of wells in communities that don’t have any.

Of course we’d retire…Brent could persue anything he wants.

Obviously start up some sort of funding thing for autism.  Not sure what yet though.

The problem is….Day Dreaming is actually your body’s way of coping with stress and it can be really unhealthy to do it often.  So don’t do it…often 🙂


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