Ear Infection :(

The second post of the day. I’m at Jennie’s house with Silas on my lap. He’s watching his favorite Mini Wheats commercial over and over and over again. Yesterday I was thinking that he might have an ear infection and I was right. I took him to Jennies house earlier and kind of noticed he was hot. She called me when he was burning up and woke up screaming 20 minutes into his nap. It must be bad because he has tylenol in him and he wont eat or let me put him down. He’s very upset. I feel so bad for him. The Dr. couldn’t tell if both ears were infected because his one ear is entirely plugged with wax. Anyone have any ear wax tricks? The doc told me to do mineral oil in the ear once a day. I hope it works. I feel so bad for Silas, he doesn’t even want to eat cookies!!

The move is almost done. I was useless over there so I’m staying here with my needy boys. I’m feeling very grumpy and hormonal. Wow Silas just got down. Perhaps it’s because I changed his commercial to a music video of Bon Jovi’s haha. I’m only slightly obsessed with him. Anyway, the move is almost done. I haven’t even ever seen the place I’m moving into yet. Jay’s car got broken into again last night so I’m freaked out of my mind. I’m just going to keep praying that our cars and their contents remain safe this month. Oh please Lord keep them safe.

I’m hearing Silas’ feet pitter pattering in the kitchen so I think he’s cheering up. I wish he didn’t have a fever too. He didn’t have one with his last ear infection. Fevers make everything so much worse. It’s gone down now but you can still feel the side effects of it when it’s gone down. Poor kiddo. Ike is sleeping in his car seat again. He’s been sleeping loads lately and was up a little too much last night.

Anyway, I’m just typing because I’m bored now. I’m going to go.


  1. I’ve always used olive oil – less cost, as you probably have it in your house. I don’t know how to heat it, though, and I would be worried about it being too hot.

    I have very tiny ear holes – so mine get plugged with wax on a regular basis. I use the oil trick, then I get them “washed out” by the doctor when necessary. It’s been helpful for me.

    I hope that Silas feels better soon – I used to get ear infections all the time, so I understand what he’s feeling 🙁

  2. I am praying for your vehicles to be safe from breakins this coming month, every night and day. I’m sad for sweet Silas’ ear infection, it surely is not what you need at this time. Phone us, if you can.

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