So I made you some videos of our Easter.  I screwed up both of them.  But it was late so just try to enjoy them anyway.  The title of the first one shouldn’t be there and there’s something funny at the beginning of the second one…the second one might be boring anyway.

ANYWAY, here’s some video of us for those of you who we wished we could spend Easter with.

This first one is our lunch.  We’re eating something called eggs golden rod and I think we’re the only people in the world who eat it for Easter or even know what it its.  It’s white sauce with cut up egg whites poured over toast then you sprinkle crumble egg yolks on top.  You must eat it in mass quantities because it’s delicious.

This second one is Silas finding his easter eggs.  Too exciting for a two year old.



  1. The first video made me laugh which made me coigh but now I’m okay , actually more than okay becauce my heart is so gladto have been a part of your Easter meal…so nice to see Brent too…he’s a good lookin’ guy. You all appeared to be having fun at the egg hunt. Thanks a million.

  2. Oh my word – those were both great. I kept pointing to the purple egg on the brown chair with my mouse pointer, trying to help him see it.

    I need to watch again to see how many servings of Eggs Goldenrod you ate.

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