Being Mommy has got to be one of those grossest jobs in the world.  It’s funny how biologically, we don’t mind our kid’s “grossies”, we just put up with them until the kids are old enough to take care of their own.

I was just tidying Silas’ room when I put my hand into something wet, something cold, something SLIMY, something smelling a lot like puke.  I cleaned it all up without hardly blinking.  That didn’t happen too much after I was peeling poopy pants off Silas because in the night the left side of his diaper found it’s way to his bum crack.  When he pooped well…he missed.

There were a few plops of poop that somehow made their way down the leg of his pants onto the floor…nothing a bit of tp can’t handle.  And of course I used my bare hand on his bum in the shower to wipe the poop away, no questions asked.

And yesterday when I went to get Ikey out of bed I caught his poop in my hand in the nick of time.  He had undone his sleeper and his diaper and, for the first time in his life, had a hard poop that was easily caught before he sat his bum down onto the sheets.  PHEW crisis averted, no problem.

I eat food Ikey gives me with is sloberry hands, I gladly take Silas’ boogers when he hands them to me saying “thank you”.

But the other day when I had to change LUCAS’ poopy bum.  *hold breath, try to not gag, get it done fast*


  1. Oh, ya, kids are gross. They outgrow some of their grossness, but I still don’t take food from my daughter. It’s ALWAYS slimy!

  2. gaaaah! I totally know what you mean by other people’s kids causing the gag reflex and no blink with your own kid!

  3. Isn’t it funny the tolerance we have for our own kids’ nastiness. I totally thought this would translate to kids across the board now that I am “immune.” HA! Not a chance!

  4. I feel the same way. It’s much harder to clean up other kids poop if they aren’t your own kids! Too funny, I definitely got a chuckle out of this one.

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