Fluff and Other Fuzzy Things

So, I’m not trying to point anyone out or say all mommy bloggers are like this.  But we tend to show the fluffy side of things.  You know, pinterest perfect.  We show the skinny angles, the clean areas of our homes.  We take photos when we’ve made something from scratch but not so much when it’s fishsticks for supper…again.

Special needs mommy bloggers – we have a tough task.  We want to show grace to our children and we don’t want people to see the times where we had wished this had never happened to us.  Or where we are selfishly thinking “why me?”.  Or when we are SO stretched that we understand why parents stick their kids in institutions.  We want the stigma of special needs to ALWAYS be positive because we want the world to love our children as we do.  Plus…it’s really hard to show people we’re struggling…well for the majority of people.

I used to be a lot braver in showing my faults and I want to get there again.

I am actually lucky enough to get to see Leanna of Poot and Boogie every day!  We were twitter friends long before we realized we lived VERY close to each other.  She’s awesome.  We were discussing yesterday, as we both have a child with special needs, how some of these big blogs just candy coat everything.

My main goal is to ALWAYS be authentic.  Some of us are naturals at some things.  Some mom’s are incredibly good at keeping on top of their homes…I’m not…but I’m SUPER good at authenticity.  I feel like it’s a gift.

I was scared away from it for a while due to a large group project where I finally learned that you cannot trust people…hardly ever.  Since then I’ve been a bit more withdrawn and…I don’t like it too much.  I’ve never had much interest in putting on a face for people.  In fact, I’m not sure I can!  I’ve never been able to lie, really.  I can a bit here and there but only to REALLY save my ass or to save someone else from feeling terrible.  So, when it comes to being inauthentic, I’m lousy at it.

I can relate to the blatant honesty of a person on the autism spectrum.  I never occurred to me to change who I am so I could fit in better.  Of course that lead to me having no friends and getting bullied at times, but I’m kind of proud of myself for that.

ANYWAY, I digress.  The moral of the story is that I’m about to get back to being really honest with my blog.  I’m going to discuss the nitty gritty and it ain’t always going to be pretty or funny.  But what I hope will come of it, will be something for you.  I like making people feel like their not alone in their troubles.  So many of us suffer silently because we are too ashamed to speak up.  When we DO speak up we hear a lot of “ME TOO!”.

Anyway…I know I’ve never been too fluffy on my blog but if I do, give me a slap on the face.  Because this isn’t a place for me to make myself look like I’m this perfect person, it’s a place for people to come and leave feeling better.  Perhaps after a laugh or after reading something hard but then saying “ME TOO” or even a “Omg I’m glad that’s not me”.  I don’t care. Or maybe I’ll just come at you with all the cuteness I see every day (there’s a lot of cute in my house).  But I want you to know, I’m dedicated to authenticity.

Screw fluffy!!!

Unless it’s a fluffy bunny…I’ll always include fluffy bunnies if I can….

(PS…I still probably won’t show you my fat angles…)


  1. Fluff is FAKE and it never does anyone any good. People need honesty…they need realistic expectations…they need to know there are others going through the same garbage they are! I applaud your dedication to the truth! In the land of parenting misconceptions, I am the truth’s biggest fan!!!
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