Freakin Out

Anything for this little darling...all the stress in the world.

So, I didn’t sleep well last night….I couldn’t fall back asleep this morning.  Why?  Well…I realized last night that Silas’ fundraiser I am doing is in a week.

I’m freakin out.

But it’ll be okay.

We are doing an 80’s tight and bright.  My husband’s band is playing, there will be spandex and Aquanet and copious amounts of slouch socks and leg warmers.  Yes folks, we’re rockin for our Silas.

I wish I could invite everyone who reads here, I wish you all lived near me.  If you do live in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia then let me know and I will invite you to it.

It’s kind of under the DL because the creepy people who stalk and steal children just ruin the fun for everyone.  Otherwise I’d give you all my home address so you can come and bring me presents and things.

So anyway, I’m a bit stressed about the whole thing.  I don’t know if we are going to fill the place up for two nights and I don’t know if businesses are going to want to give me stuff to auction off or give away.  A few have so far, I’m dreadfully thankful for that.

I keep telling myself that even if 10 people come, we will have more $ for Silas than we did before.  That I will be thankful for.  We are needing about $9500 because we want to purchase him a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  Really, we are buying one for everyone.  We don’t intend to keep it for ourselves.  I know someone with chronic pain that is SO excited to be able to use it.  I know others who have children with autism, I know someone with MS, it’s supposed to help my ADD…perhaps it will relieve my husband of all the things I find wrong with him too.  All these people can benefit from it.  Hyperbarics really isn’t recognized by mainstream medical professionals for more than wound healing for our Canucks….but there’s much more too it and much more it can do.

Pllllusssss, it’s kind of for Isaac.  It’s supposed to reduce aggression and Isaac is kind of the brunt of it.  Poor little fella.  I can’t wait for the day where his brother stops being so nasty to him.

I’m stoked that I get to use it too…I’m never going to look older from the moment I get it muuuuhahahaha.

I promise that’s not why I am getting one.

There really has been double-blind, peer-reviewed, multi-centred studies that indeed prove that hyperbarics works for autism.  I could go to a centre to have it done…and pay 8k a month….or just buy one and get it in my home and working for just over 9k.

Maybe one day I’ll open a centre to try and make it accessible to all.  Maybe.

But anyway.  I’m going to go do a quick design of a bunch of mini fliers and annoyingly hand them out to every single person I see.  Because my friend Brad told me to and for some reason…he’s always right.  Jerk.

Hey…if you can’t come but you still think it’s an awesome idea, you can ALWAYS send a donation via paypal by clicking on here.  You can use credit or your own paypal.

Ok….I’m off I’m off I’m off.  Time to be proactive…not in the face wash kinda way.

Anything for this little darling...all the stress in the world.


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