So we’re on the GFCF diet now.  Which means we’re not eating any gluten or casein anymore.  Gluten is a protein found in many different kinds of grains including wheat which kinda sucks but whatever.  Casein is a protein found in every kind of milk including breast milk as well.  So nothing with any bit of milk or gluten.  Weeeeeeee.

The purpose of this diet is to help Silas.  For some reason, some people with autism have this weird thing where their bodies actually turn these two proteins into opiates causing them to be…well…stoned.

I believe when Jenny McCarthy put her son of the GFCF diet her son’s language doubled within a WEEK!  Oh my goodness.  Something for us to try right?

So this morning Silas was downstairs and I hear him say “Mommy?  Mommy?”.  It threw me off, is Silas really trying to get my attention by using my name??  He’s NEVER called out “mommy” before…EVER EVER EVER.  He just screams or cries or says “I help you” or something of the sort.  I cried a lil.  I’ve also noted a few other changes with his play and with his eating.

Is this the gfcf diet?  I think so.  weeeeeeeeee


  1. This is so great for Silas. You are doing a great job in doing everything you can to help him.
    I teared up a little when I read that he called out for “mommy”. What a great momment! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mommy is the sweetest thing to hear you child say and I can imagine the intensity coming from Silas. You are an amazingly strong woman. Silas is lucky to have you <3–Christi

  3. That’s so great that it seems to be working! I am a nutrition specialist for a company called Nutricia and we recently hosted a free educational web seminar on special diets for children with ASD. It highlights how to make sure your child gets all the nutrition he needs to grow and thrive while following a special diet. We have the presentation archived on our website: It may be a good way to learn more and make the most of your son’s GFCF diet. I hope the improvements keep coming!

  4. So, you aren’t eating it either? That’s impressive dedication. J (hubby) is celiac, so he gets his own special pasta, etc, but the rest of us just scarf back the gluten.

    I’m delighted it seems to be having an effect. We have friends who tried the same with their son and swear by the results.

  5. I think I saw a special last year on Oprah where Holly Robinson Pete talked about her son on the GFCF diet and the same thing. His language exploded after she started him on it. Good luck and keep us updated!

  6. That’s such awesome news! Out of curiosity, I just started reading a book called, “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” by Elaine Gottschall, which promotes a similar type of diet that was primarily used to successfully treat Celiac and Crohn’s disease and other intestinal issues, but has been found to be successful for treating autism and other mental spectrum disorders, as well. The book does a great job of explaining the intestine/brain connection. Good luck and much continued success with Silas! Hooray!

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