Happy Birthday Isaac!

Isaac woke up yesterday morning, heard he was now four and announced that he was big now and ready for hot sauce.  He asked my sister to make him eggs and put Franks on top and he ate them up.

This morning was the same.  No more ketchup, he’s too sophisticated for that.

This weekend has been filled with family, friends and…Lego.  I’m very calm having just put together a very cool Lego Creator three wheeler motorbike.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing Lego.  It’s super calming.

Ikey has been at the Lego full boar.  It’s nice.  It keeps him quiet.

My baby is four now.  I can hardly believe it.  Four is such a big number.

Isaac is such a little darling.  Such a friendly, warm, outgoing boy.  He’s so innocently troublesome.  His big brown eyes and gaped-tooth grin make my heart melt on an hourly basis.  He is still so little, a good half inch shorter than his peers in Preschool.  His cheeks still chubby and jiggly from his baby fat.  He is still such a baby to me.

A monster baby.

A monster baby who licks me when he’s going to give me a kiss, who sometimes will act like a puppy more than a human, who plays so incredibly hard sometimes you wonder if he’s ever going to stop, who ferociously loves his bother and forgives him for everything.  EVERRRYTHING.

He has an affinity for dirt, he’s an expert at whining, he rocks at calling things funny names because he’s misheard the real name…Cleo is a “basket hound”.  He loves to help, he loves to make a mess.  He’s a fantastic shower buddy.

The best at sharing that I ever did see.

He rescues me when I am upset.  He can sense it and will tell me he loves me or will hold my head in his hands.  He’s a support to a mommy who sometimes feels so broken, lifting her up and making her feel like a success.  In the heat of a problem with his big brother he has been known to take my head in his hands and stare in to my eyes, letting me know it will be ok and that he somehow understands.

His sweet face bares the scars of having an older brother that has trouble stopping his hands.  Those scars break my heart but help me know how much of an amazing man he is going to be.  Chicks are totally going to dig it.

I love his long eyelashes and his tiny naked bum.  I love his desire to wear gum boots on sunny days and how he purposefully wears his pants backwards.  I love the look on his face, feeling so special after applying some of Mommy’s lip gloss.  I love his curious nature, no matter the trouble it gets him in to.

He is a boy in every sense of the word.  He’s always filthy, always causing trouble and always tender and kind.

Ikey, I love you to pieces, I hope your next year of life is even better than the last.  May you always keep your sunny disposition and always be that amazingly forgiving and tender person that you are at your core.


Photos to come…



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