Happy Friday

Ooooooo there’s cold air running through my house.  I love how a week of super hot weather makes me crave the clouds again.  I’m so stinking tired right now.  Bluah.

Listening to Coldplay on the radio, watering my law, pondering cleaning up, feeling awful dry mouth from starting antidepressants.  Kinda wanna gag too.

Lawn is flooding, there’s something in my eye.

Silas read a book to me today, well half of one.  Words like “springtime” came out of his mouth, how does he know how to do that?  I’m sorry but because I’m so used to the bad things about his autism and so amazed by the good things….I just think about the good ones.  Why did I say I’m sorry?  That’s like a big win for me.  Focussing on the good.  I can’t help it.  He’s magnificent.

Isaac is continuing to be two.

I need some tea.

my bushbeans sprouted.  Some other stuff sprouted too but I forget what I planted where.

I got to use my compost soil for the first time the other day.  How many fricken years does it take for eggshells to compost??  Oh well, use it anyway, pick the eggshells off the lawn later.  How is my compost only half full when I’ve been feeding it things for over a year?  Everyone should compost…they don’t stink if you do it right.  I serious.

I think all the clothes in my house are in a pile on my dresser.  It takes me 30 minutes to find my clothes, 30 minutes that I could have spent folding.  Why do I hate folding so much?  I should fold it all before Brent gets home to surprise him.  He’d pee.

How come once I get one area of my life together then something else falls apart?  I recently took away a habit and I rock at keeping it away but then my laundry goes to poop.  Who knows.  Annoying though.  Wait, my laundry is always going to poop…but just not this bad

I have to make an ultrasound appointment because I’m finding it hard to pee.  The dr says it might be scar tissue from giving birth…if it is then they’re going to stick a baloon up my pee pee and inflate it.  He said it’s “no big deal” I think he needs a punch in the face.

Failblog.org is like my new happy place.  You all should go there for a laugh.  I think I’m going to add them to my blog to make you all giggle too.

Annnnnd….I knew this would make it to youtube. Bastards.

Isn’t this a horribly ADD post?  Isn’t it ironic that the girl with ADD gets a son with ASD?  Polar opposites.  I’m looking at it as we’re going to be good for each other.


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