He’s so Smart

So for any of you that are musical, this might impress you. Yesterday I was singing Twinkle Twinkle along with Raffi while tucking Silas into his nap. I told him what harmony was (through the sort of grunts and gurgles he understands as English) and asked him if he could do it. He’s heard me sing harmony to that song a number of times but not recently. I sang the first line for him and he carried it on for the rest of the song!! What a kid!! Anyway, I tried to capture it with my webcam but it’s not as good because he was watching himself and being a bit goofy…here it is anyway. Prepare to be amazed!

Brilliant no?? I learned harmony on my own when I was a teenager. My mom knew how to do it so I decided to start singing along with her during church. I soon got the hang of it and now it’s just second nature, being in choirs really helped too. What a dream that my son has a good enough ear to know how to do such things at such an early age. The majority of the population doesn’t know how…but he does. An actual proud moment moment…where I can say “yay me”…how rare. His love for music is truly a dream come true for me. Isaac is also loving music these days, especially action songs, he LOVES actions and can do loads of them already. Crazy kids.

Silas gets confused about undressing himself but he sure can sing ha ha ha.

It was nice to learn this morning that someone was shot a few blocks away from me, right near where I do my banking…where I bring my kids lots. It just seconds the notion I have about being alone outside around here at night. It just adds to the crack dealers 6 doors down from me and…oh ya that serial killer that lived in my complex…who we’d see always scrubbing out his car. YAAAAY. Gotta love this place. Can someone make my husband renovate faster so we can MOVE???

Speaking of my husband. He’s clean shaven, wearing khakis, dress shoes, a nice belt, hair done, dress shirt neatly pressed (he did that last night himself…) and on his way to Burnaby for his job interview. It starts at 12 and I reeeeaaaallly hope it goes well. Brent’s one of those people that you instantly respect the moment you see him. You know he’s sharp, you know he’s personable and you know he’s nice. He actually comes across slightly more wonderful at first than when you get to know him ha ha ha. I’m POSITIVE these people will love him and seeing he’s the only person that’s applied, I think this one’s in the bag. Just to be careful, though, I’m not entirely getting my hopes up about not having to pay a fortune to get my back cracked by my chiro next time. Yes I’m in pain but waiting for HEALTH CARE before I go again ha ha. AND I wont sign Silas back up for NAET quite yet…but I’m silently planning on it. Who knows maybe I’ll talk Brent into getting some braces slapped on his teeth…MUUHAHAHAHHAAA…the world will soon be my oyster.

Silas is delighted right now, I finally remembered to buy him Rooibos tea so now we can have tea together during my blog time. He always wants my green tea but I don’t need a caffeinated toddler right now. He let out a meniacle laugh, that you’d know if you knew him, when I handed it to him. For now, the child is pleased…two minutes from now…nobody knows.

ACK!! ONE HOUR TILL THE INTERVIEW!!!!!! I’m glad we have a playdate with Leanne, that’s going to help pass the time. I feel like I need to bake for him or something.


  1. That is amazing that he can sing harmony. It’s not often you discover their talents so young. WOW! I laughed at your getting undressed comment. I didn’t realize Austin couldn’t tie shoes (thanks to flip flops and velcro) when he was 9! What a shameful thing for a mother. Rick was horrified! I tried to justify by reminding Rick that Aus designed, measured and installed the sprinkler system in the back yard… at NINE YEARS OLD! So what if he can’t tie shoes. (He can now.)

  2. That’s awesome. I love music, really really love it. Too bad I can’t sing or anything. And harmony… I think I know somebody named that, that’s about all. haha Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck!! Fingers still crossed, waiting to hear something 🙂

  3. …been thinking about Brent much today and praying for him. I love to hear Silas sing…you’re looking good Leah.

  4. Silas rocks! I love harmony – always have and it was something that came naturally for me probably in middle school.

    It’s so fun to see him sing again! Keep on singin’.

    Oh, and congrats on the new job – pretty exciting! Sounds like you guys have waited for an opportunity like this too. 🙂

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