Hyperbaric Chamber = ORDERED!

Last summer Brent and I started on a fundraising journey to get our son a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  After two 80′s tight and brights, a whiskey tasting, a burger and beer fundraiser put on by a friend and MANY cash donations, the chamber is on its way to our house in FOUR boxes!!  I’m going to be very overwhelmed when it arrives!!

THIS is the chamber we ordered!!

We are really really excited to see if it helps him.  He is going through a really good period right now but we all know that kids on the spectrum have us on a roller coaster ride.  It’s so nice when the ride is easier for a while though.  Hopefully this will lessen the aggression once our ride takes a turn.

I’m also pretty stoked to see how it effects me and my energy and my ADD.  It’s really supposed to help so perhaps this will make me a better mommy in the long run too.  Sometimes I’m zombie mommy and I hate it.  I have some other friends that I want to use it, it seems like I already have a waiting list.  My friend, who’s a chiropractor, offered to house it in an office she will be opening in Aldergrove.  We probably will keep it there eventually, not sure who’s going to run the thing though lol, we’ll work something out :) .

I’m so overwhelmed with the generosity of people when it came to this cause.  People were so on board with it.  I thought they all thought I was totally nuts.  But there’s proper double blind, peer reviewed, multi centre studies done on these and how the help children with autism improve.  The results seem promising, especially for a boy who had very very very low oxygen at birth.

Feels good to accomplish something like this.  I’ve never raised money like this before.  I’m proud of us :)

I’ll for sure post photos and updates once it arrives.  I can’t wait to get him in there!!!

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