I See The Number 11 EVERYWHERE!!

I see the number eleven

There’s this weird thing happening to me.  It could be completely nothing at all but it’s really getting my attention.  The number 11 is following me around.  It’s very odd.

Lemme clarify something,  I’ve never seen any meaning in numerology, I don’t believe horoscopes, I think most psychics are out to get your money and play off your emotions.  I don’t go looking for signs or miracles or messages in my tea leaves.  The number 11 has no meaning to me, at all.  It’s just a number.  I’ve never taken special notice when I see that number anywhere, it’s never crossed my mind that it’s an important thing when I see that it’s eleven after the hour on my clock.  Perhaps 7:11 and 11:11 are a bit cool because of the store and the fact that I see the number elevenit’s the only time of day where all 4 numbers are the same.  Well if you’re not going by the 24 hour clock at least.

Just over a year ago, though, the number started showing up everywhere.  Enough for this person, who wouldn’t ever care, to really take notice.  I will randomly open my phone and look at it at 11 after the hour approx five times a day.  There’s two different people in my life that often text me at 11 after the hour or I will text them at that time and notice after.  It usually happens often for a short time and then stops.  I really began to start thinking this was rather odd.  I mean, there’s 1440 minutes in a day, what are the chances of continuously seeing the clock at that specific time?  I dunno.  Maybe it is chance.

Last night I Googled this and I was astonished to see that I really am not the only one.  Some of these folks were incredibly loony.  I mean, they were seeing numbers everywhere and if you divide it and add the root and then add your birthday minus x plus 2 squared you’d get the number 11.  That’s silliness.  I’m sure, with math, you can turn any number sequence into an 11 if you want to badly enough.  But there were people out there, just like me, who’ve been having this same experience and are starting to wonder “why?”.

I find it happens more during times of personal growth and stress for me.  Perhaps I check my phone more during those times?  Or perhaps it’s something else.

If I’m going to find meaning in it, I could say that this number is letting me know I am on the right track and that big things are ahead.  And what’s funny, is that that’s what most people are believing it to mean.  Which I found interesting as well.

Other’s think it’s your spirit guides trying to communicate with you, whatever that means.  Other’s think it’s warning of the impending apocalypse which is set for winter solstice, which happens to be at exactly 11:11 on 12/21/2012.  Some people have turned to the Bible, finding meaning in the verses that are 11:11 and seeing the significance of the number in Revelations.  I could go on and on and on about everyone’s theories.

Yesterday I decided to tweet a numerologist, just for kicks…I don’t believe in numerology, just to see what she thought it all meant.  When I got to her twitter page, I saw she was following 111 people.  Then Silas came into the house with Brent and said “Dad what’s 11+11?”.  I was like “WHAT IS GOING ON!!!????” She hasn’t tweeted me back, yet.

The other night I was powering down my TV and with that, our sound system turns off.  As it closed down I thought I saw the number 11:11 on the screen of the sound system.  I told Brent “I bet it’s 11:11” and I opened my phone and sure enough it was.  Thinking I was tricking him because I had just seen it on that screen.  Well, I noticed last night that there is no clock on that screen.  It just says the input that the sound system is on.  That’s it.  Spooky.

Even if it means absolutely nothing whatsoever, it definitely is frequent and stands out enough that it has gotten my attention.  I’m a bit spooked every time I see it.  Not necessarily in a bad way, just in a “I’m feeling like I’m not alone” type of way.  Even Ellen DeGeneres thinks it’s creepy as she sees it everywhere too.

I’ve decided I’m going to start taking these screen captures every time I see it.  I got the photo above last night, by chance of course.  Now that I’m thinking about it, though, it probably won’t happen.  I’ve heard that most people experiencing the 11:11 phenomenon will only see it when they are not looking for it.  Oddness.

Are any of you experiencing this?  Is it chance or is it something else?


  1. Google
    “why do I see number 3 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 4 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 66 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 7 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 8 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 9 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 10 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 12 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 14 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 22 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 23 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 222 everywhere”
    “why do I see number 33 everywhere”

    Because it is easier to watch a video than read an article or book: Michael Shermer on TED: The Pattern Behind Self-Deception

    1. I expected a response from you. I never said I thought the #11 to be the only number of significance…if any number is significant at all.

      I’ll watch the video later but the title kind of sounds like you’re telling me I’m deceiving myself…I guess I did open up the conversation though. I did feel like I was blatant in saying that I’m neutral about it, aka it could be nothing at all or it could mean something. Perhaps I should have been more blunt or perhaps my open-mindedness about the situation is also deceived?

      1. I think we all know what this means we are part of this special group that is haunted by the number 11 and we have no real answer why. That’s all it means to me. How many are there of us? Because I ask people if they see the number and they ofcource look at me funny. However I google this shit and what do you know there is an assload of us out there. Do not take yourselves too seriously because we have no real answer.. Yet. And by the way this is not about 9:11…exactly. and all you seeing other numbers good for you but find your own website sorry already too confusing as it is. Maybe it just means on the 11th day God created….

    2. Yes! For the last 3 weeks I have been seeing 11, on milemarkers, the stove clock, the computer it seems to be everywhere I look…My husband and I just bought our first house and before we did I was seeing 11..Turns out the address is 11233…Pretty cool! I don’t know what all this means? I just now decided to google and found your page:) Thanks Sincerely, Samantha

  2. About a year ago I started to see 11 everywhere or 1111 or 711 at least 7 times a day I see 11 something. I asked a cousin do you ever see the same number all the time he says 11 11 then I asked my 85 year old aunt she says same thing 11 11 it’s really starting to disturb me. Has anyone had anything extraordinary happen to them? Does anyone know whats happening?

    1. I started seeing the number 11 everywhere a little over 2 years ago. My husband and I bought a house and our closing date was 12/11/15. After we closed on the house and moved, i didn’t see it as often for a couple of months. But then I started to see it everywhere again, my mom was in the hospital for a few months when I started to see it again. She ended up passing away on 7/11/16. I haven’t seen it again for a while until about a week or two ago now. I’m worried it means something bad is going to happen. I’m not sure what to expect anymore.

  3. Well… I’ve googled this and arrived at your page so YES this is happening to me. started about 3 months ago. 8/10 when I look at the clock it’s 3:11, 7:11, 12:11, etc. I wrote a check and it was check number 1111. My ebay auction has 111 views, stuff like that but it happens A LOT. I’m hoping it’s a good sign as this has been a summer of tremendous change for me (company merger, new baby, finding out about new family members, etc.) Did you hear anything back from the numerologist? I’m THISCLOSE to calling a psychic that my friends swears by. Fingers crossed that it is a blessing!! xo

  4. ive been looking at the clock at 9:11 for the past 3 years and i see numbers on signs like 272 or 083, but anyways i just dont see the number when i add i find it, only add not divid or anything, like im born on the 6th day of the 5th month, 5+6=11, then i see it on licence plates and street lights. or ill just see the number 11 at a lot of places. i asked the oujai board not to long ago and the spirit i was talking to ( a family member) told me something bad is going to happen to me in the year 2030 and the number 11 is trying to warn me. it couldnt tell me anything more so i decided to look around the internet about it.

  5. hello….
    i living in iran .i see Very much number 11:11 and 3:33 and 11:33 on screens digital display

  6. Okay, I guess at least I am not alone. I don’t know what it is but started seeing 11:11 either on the clocks, phone, checks, signs (like a billboard with the address being 1111 or phone number being xxx xxx 1111. I think I started noticing it about 9 years ago. At first I thought, “I must be used to looking at the clock at this time 2 x’s a day, every day…wonder why I didn’t notice it before.” Or, “Isn’t it odd that there are so many checks numbered 1111 that I get from different ppl a lot”. Things along those lines. Then I realized a few years ago that I had “feelings” attached to these 11:11 observations. It is like I am expecting something and I don’t know what. Then last night, I just could not take it any longer. I don’t see 10:10 or 12:12 all the time, just 11:11 and at 11:11 last night it happened again and I just had to say something about it, even if ppl thought I was weird. I posted it on my fb and got a myriad of responses everything from “You are looking to see if it is time to eat yet,” to “It is a connection to God.” Someone suggested that I look it up on Google and someone else on You Tube so I did. Got the above mentioned video which is cool but the second one had too much + and -‘s for me. I don’t care what + what = 11. I want to know what 11:11 or 1111 means and why so many ppl who never noticed it before are suddenly seeing it everywhere they go. So, I have no answers. I haven’t heard from my “Spirit Guides” and no phone call from God either. I will keep seeking an answer because it is bugging me and i am like a dog with a bone…I gotta know. Maybe we will find out sometime in the future and when we do, I certainly
    hope it is all about Good stuff for us all. In the mean time. I am trying to ignore numbers completely…maybe that is the answer I am seeking! 🙂

  7. I see 11’s all the time! I will wake up during the night, look at the clock and it show something like: 3:11. It feels like I am being guided to see that number. It started around January. I see that number around 10 times a day! Last week I was at my friend’s place and my friend, who had just lost her mother a few months ago was showing me some of her things. She threw me a little white box that contained pennies. I opened the box and poured the pennies into my hand. One penny fell on the floor. After looking at the pennies briefly I put them back in the box. Having remembered that I dropped one, I picked up the penny. It was a shiny new 2011 penny!!!!! This time I got an actual object that had an 11 on it. I now have that penny.
    I am a psychic and a medium. I am wondering if my Guides are trying to tell me something?

  8. im seeing 11,111,1111 everwhere since a few days. some body suddenly messages me at 11:11 am, or 1:11 PM, went to watch a movie, and the first dialogue was ‘ Mr A lives in 11th floor so and so’.. in office, my boss says we have 11 minutes to finish the task. in cafeteria,magazines with a big heading says’ 11th hour’. my examination locker number is 11. i work in office building 1111 and sits in an aisle 11. and recently met a man with birthday 11/1. and my birthday 22/11 nothing but 11+11,11…. dont know what the hell is this….

  9. I’ve been seeing it for years now, but lately it’s been more often. I wake up at 3:11, 4:11 etc; I won’t look at a watch or clock for awhile but when I do it will be 11 after the hour. Not only the time but other things through out the day also. Strange.

  10. Last 4 months I see number 11 everywhere,not only on the clock 4 to 5 times a day but went to a restaurant last week and they sat us at table 11. Next day we caught at train guess what platform 11 and when we booked into a hotel room ,yep room 11. My boss rang today and said we have a phone hook up at 11am. My 6 year old nephew out of the blue asked what horse is number 11 in the Melbourne cup.Many more examples very freaky.

  11. Hey Leah,

    I’ve been seeing 11:11 for years. YEARS. But not nearly as I’ve been seeing it lately. I wrote about it on my blog. You would find it interesting, because I was in a pretty bad car accident, and I decided to make a life change, and 1111 just seems to show up when I’m starting to question my path. Check it out:



  12. I see 11’s too. It started suddenly a few years ago when I began questioning the meaning of my life and blah blah blah. When it started happening I thought “What the hell?!” then did a Google search and discovered it’s quite common. I was mainly seeing 11:11 and 111 a lot at that time. I had never heard of such a thing up until then. Not long ago I was in utter despair after separating from my husband and I asked if there was such a thing as angels or whatever to please let me know they were around, ya know just for comfort or whatever. Afterwards I felt like an idiot, like I was just talking to myself. However, a couple days after that I began seeing 11:11 and 111’s EVERYWHERE again! Let me make it clear, I am a very logical person so I don’t go looking for things like this, but when it all started happening it was like someone trying to get my attention. It freaks me out but then I smile because it gives me a good feeling. Did I mention that back when it started happening, about a year later my son was born during the 11th month of 2011 at exactly 11:11 a.m.!! He was born 7 weeks early and had to be taken by emergency C-section. They had prepared me to go to surgery that morning around 7 a.m. but there ended up being an unexpected delay with the anesthesiologist. Basically the odds of him being born at 11:11 that morning were 1 out of 1,440 (the number of minutes in a day). A couple of months ago my son had to go to the ER for stitches. When the doctor finished, he counted the stitches and said there were 11 and I just laughed to myself and said “Well of course there is!” I realized later that they had taken him into ER Room #11. It’s all enough to make me really wonder what’s up!

    1. Shortly before my sister died suddenly she mentioned that whenever she looked at the clock it was eleven after the hour. I told her it happened to me all the time. I still see the number eleven everywhere and it makes me smile because I think it is her letting me know she is watching over me.

  13. I see it too! Everytime I check my phone or look at somebody a clock or whatever , the number 11 is always there! It has begun to annoy me and I no longer see it as a coincidence

  14. It won’t go away. I have been haunted by it for years. Obviously, it shows up on the clock and I accidentallyn see it daily. It has shown up in my totals at the store, my change after paying for my purchase. My gas pump has stopped on it. My hotel #. My car broke down on a side road once and I looked up to find the address of the place I was stranded. 1111. When the doctor suggeated a date to inducen my daughter…11/11. When I declined, she showed up on her own on 11/22. The sum of my address is 11. I live in District 11 of my state. Clocks that have not been reset blink obnauxiously 11:11. In the house and in the car when I fail to reset them. It is everywhere. Always. When I clicked on this site, I looked at the top of the page. 4:11. I logged onto youtube and clicked on a video. It was posted by 11:11 ministries. I am not superstisious. I am a Christian and do not subscribe to numerology and new age. I am so curioutus to know why this number keeps popping up and won’t go away. It shows up somewhere multiple times a day. Can’t figure out why.

  15. 11 has become my guide stone. I pased a digital time and temperature clock about noon the other day and it said 10:55. I said to myself “that’s not the right time.” Then it flashed 11:11. I laughed and said “now the time is right.”
    @significant events, see 11. Iets e me know i’m at the right place at the right time.

  16. 2012 has came and gone. I just read your thoughts on 11:11. This phenomenon is happening to me daily. Im a 53 year old retired pipefitter from ohio. Not some nut job. I have no idea what this is about but it kind of frightens me. EVERY DAY. I glance at the clock and its 11:11 or 1:11. I get gasoline and the pump stops at 11.11 gallons. I glance at my odometer and there are 11s on it. course this doesn’t happen every time but so often it is certainly a phenomenon.

  17. I started seeing all the time number 11 since the day my mom was admitted to the hospital it was also the 11th of that month. I was really attached to my mum she passed away from cancer and still today I keep seeing 11 all the time. Some websites say it is a spiritual number like an aura of a person or angel that surounds you I guess like maybe a ‘reminder’ of a guarding angel or beloved one still close to you. This is my explanation . This is my story.

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