Isaac’s Birthday Party

angry bird birthday

Ikey’s birthday went off as promised!  Despite that I did, indeed only decorate with four balloons and too much masking tape, the kids were extraordinarily happy and had a blast.  I have to hand it off to my sister Jennie for saving my cake.  My previous plan for getting Isaac an Angry Birds cake fell through and she came up with a glorious plan to save my butt.

My new plan was to go home, print a picture off the net, laminate it and just lay it on top of the cake and call it done.  Jennie took over, because I’m a disaster, and she saved the day with her mini cupcakes and a little flags…well…I’ll just show you.

Isaac was as pleased as punch.  Actually all the children were.  They began running around and collecting the little flags, we didn’t realize they would love them so much as we were attaching them to sharp pieces of wood.  No one lost an eye.

The cake wasn’t so well thought out.  Man give me a song to sing and I can do it…give me some type of handicraft….well…as you can see.  As long as my children’s art looks worse than mine, I’m okay 🙂  Right?  Let me also say that the only thing I actually did was the mess of the sparkly cake under the gorgeous piggies. 🙂  I really love the gigantic breath he took here.

angry bird birthday

It’s so hard to get him to give me a normal smile.  I’ll take what I can get though.  He chose this shirt, it was the shirt he wore at my sister’s wedding.  I love that he wanted to look special.

Very exciting to open presents from your cousin, Lucas was showing Isaac how there were blinky lights on the bag.  Click here for a video of him opening his presents, stolen from my sister Jennie.

The party went off with out a hitch and a minimal amount of blood.  Isaac is very much enjoying his presents from everyone and I’m happy it’s all over.  Tomorrow the little prince turns five and I might cry because it’s his littleness that makes my days so amazing.  I guess they all have to grow up.


  1. His nail polish really needs touching up. You know, the piggies were a total last second idea. I happened to have food colouring, the eyes and the green candy noses. I thought they were kinda lame, so I’m glad they were liked … and recognizable. Hey – this is the first time I’ve left a comment and been able to fill in my website. Woot woot!

  2. I think the party would have been a huge success no matter what Leah. You don’t have to be good at crafts when you have as much love for your kids as you do! You sing like an angel which is something your kids will remember all their lives. When they are grown and hear someone sing a song you sang to them as children, they will stop and get lost in that glorious memory! You did great. The pics show the kids having the greatest time and no amount of cake or cupcakes replaces the love I see on your face in every picture of you and your kids.

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