Money Grabbing May, You’re a Jerkface

The month of May seems to want all of our money.  There’s been so many things come up.  Money money money money!!!  A weird extra mortgage payment, ordering school supplies, Ikey’s bday party, etc etc etc etc etc.  THEN last night, my darling Cleo had to have her tooth pulled.  GRRRRR.  I thought she was just going through a weird not hungry phase that she sometimes goes through.  Nope.  I had kissed her cheek and she whimpered which was weird.  I looked in her mouth and the side of one tooth had been sheered off and I could see the bright red dot of her nerve.

This is what a sad, drugged-up basset hound looks like, not to be confused with what a happy, sober basset hound looks like

Having my tooth sheered off at the side when my brother drove me off a cliff, I knew she was in a crapload of pain so off to the vet we went to have it yanked.  I can’t stand leaving her there and hearing her bark in the back, picking her up when she can’t hardly walk is actually a tad humorous.  She peed her bed and needed blankets and heating pads to keep warm but, this morning, all is well.

Except I’m out more cash.

Frickin May and your money grabbing ways!

Speaking of May and speaking of school supplies, we went to our school for Isaac’s ready for Kindergarten…thing.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was there, Isaac’s little girly friend from preschool was sitting there…..

Wait a sec I should explain….We are a bit spread out, Isaac goes to preschool in another city and the school we are going to is a choice school so there’s a wait-list, small classrooms, and people from all over the area, it’s not a catchment school…..

…..and I was so excited, he talks about her all the time!!  Also, I look over and another friend is sitting there with her son.  I glance around the room and see yet another little girl he used to do gymnastics with and he loved her!  We ran into her with her sitter the other day and I thought of how much I loved that family and how cool her momma is and how I wished that I could sit with her and chat again.  Well, it happened because we chatted the whole time.  She’s the ultimate cool person in my books.  Totally down to earth woman who’s living in a cabin that she built herself on 11 acres of farm that she tends to herself.  She’s also building her own house now.  She’s funky with a south african/irish accent and has a lot of the same views as I do.  She almost annoyingly perfect but I’m madly in love with her and in complete awe.

There was another person there that I thought I recognized, perhaps in passing?  Not sure who this woman was but her daughter had an adorable name and, well I just kind of brushed it off as whatever.  I get home to a tweet from @leannamaks from Poot and Boogie asking me if that really was me she saw at the school!  OMG!  So much fun! (whoa, I just got lost in her blog for like 30 minutes…poor girl just got spammed with my comments).  This is exciting because she also has a special needs child, Ola, who has down syndrome and is seriously the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life.  It’s nice to know there’s another special needs momma there to join the few of us that are already there.  Plus she seems super cool.  It felt so good to tell her about the amazing experience we’ve already had there.  This school is a diamond in the rough.  There’s an older girl there with DS and I see her playing with the other kids, little girls hugging and helping her with whatever she needs.  They’ve educated the other children on Down Syndrome in a very positive way and it seems like she’s totally accepted and integrated into the school.  You chose the right place Leanna!

Anyway…blah blah blah.  I’m going to go wash my greasy hair and look presentable for public before I take Ikey to preschool and begin shopping for his freaking birthday party.

Or I could just slap on my sunglasses and push out some duck lips and I’m awesome in 2.5 seconds.

This is what a happy basset hound looks like, not to be confused with what a sad, drugged-up basset hound looks like.

This is a soapy, wet rat

This is a wet llama on a surf board.

(click photo for source)


  1. I was the one staring at you!

    I saw you, then saw those fabulous bangs… and I was like! I know who that is, then I was horribly embarrassed because in the moment I couldn’t remember your “real” name! I was like that’s the Informal Matriarch! ahh!!!

    Thanks for all the blog comments! and the kind words! I am so glad that I have met you and so glad that I have another outspoken advocate to link arms with! (we don’t really have to link arms… you know what I mean!) and what you say about our kids school makes me so so so happy that I made the right choice!

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