Throwing the Perfect Children’s Party

Oh children’s birthday party planning.  Finding the perfect venue, sending off carefully prepared hand-made birthday invitations.  Working for hours on tying all the bows on the personalized place setting and party favors. Hand made decorations.  A gorgeous cake in the theme of the child’s interest, made lovingly by their mother.

Carefully making treats and finger foods, perfect tiny squares of deliciousness for those ity bity fingers to enjoy. Thoughtful games that include the theme of the party.


I hate all that crap!!

Not that I think it isn’t amazing for someone to pull off a pinterest perfect birthday party, but I just don’t have any desire, whatsoever, to attempt to pull anything like that off!  Nor stress myself out about it. Those little puff balls you see to your right, you know what a bitch those things are to make?  They’re a right, nasty bitch and I want no part of them!  We made millions of them for my sister’s wedding, which I’m not complaining about because then, the fact that they were so annoying to make, was almost hilariously entertaining.  I was once again entertained at my friend’s account of making some for my birthday party.  She thinks they’re a bitch too.

My boys don’t care, all they want is friends, food, balloons, presents, cake and the label of it being called a “party”.  They’re dudes, they’re never going to care.  Nor will they even have a memory of it.  Even if they had a memory of it, they won’t remember the details.

I know it’s kind of the “in” thing now, being all pinteresty.  Not that I don’t get sucked into that website and come out just as insecure as any other normal mother would, but I’m just not going to be THAT blogger.  I can’t be, it’s not me.  Yes I’ll lovingly prepare his party, my way.  Everyone was invited via text, it’s going to be outside so I don’t have to listen to children screaming in my house AND so I don’t have to clean my house.  There will be a delicious boxed cake with my feeble attempt at an Angry Bird’s theme (aka green icing and some angry birds toys on top) and there will be no fondant in sight.  My idea of decorations is balloons and masking tape.  My party favors are somewhere in between the dollar store junk and something lovingly hand-made.  My best one yet was a home-made CD of all of Silas’ favourite songs.  It included everything from Queen to Bon Jovi.

I’ve attempted more fancy things.  Like Silas’ first birthday we enjoyed bacon wrapped mini meatloaf that I made with red wine and other fabulously fancy ingredients.  Have you ever noticed your kids are extra cranky when you’re trying to pull off something fancy on a deadline?  I gave up.  Perhaps if I had daughters….

Oh crap, after finding those photos for my blog, I got lost in Pinterest….damn website.  Now I’m feeling all insecure that I don’t have a lavender infused mouse pad made of up-cycled doilies.  FML.

See, I cannot be trusted with cake decorating…look at this monstrosity from Isaac’s party last year!!  I’m laughing my face off at the sight of it.  Can you tell it’s Lego?


Maybe from this angle??

Isaac just saw that and said “that’s MY cake, I love my cake!  That’s from when I was turning 4″…see…he doesn’t care 😀





  1. I would like to comment on the fabulous colors of your lego cake! the yellow one is amazeballs!! and I could totally tell they were lego!

  2. I am laughing my face off at your lego cake, too. But the fact that Isaac loved it … that’s all that matters.

    P.S. Is there purple lego?

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