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I’m lacking inspiration this morning so I think this will mainly be photos. My mommy came this weekend for a little visit. It was nice to hang out and see my kids slobber all over her….and have my dishes done. We took the kids to the park and then later that night we, along with Jennie, went out for a free supper at Olive Garden courtesy of my Realtor…woot. Here’s some photos from the day.


My mom just let her hair go grey, I’m all for it, I think she looks marvelous!



round and round


snotty nose


Ikey had the biggest smile while she did this


all dolled up


self portraits are the best


soooo mature



  1. Leah, your mom is so hip!!! she’s purty. looks like she’d be one of those “cool” fun moms.

    You look SO pretty in the pictures with your sis. i like your hair. a lot. that curl and those bangs… and you know what leah? you look good at the weight you are at. you look like you are as healthy as your children 🙂 you know, those ppl that just have those healthy glowing faces? thats you in those pics. not to say you were too skinny or anything before, but how you are now, you look really nice.

  2. Thanks Marina. The glowing face is foundation and shimmer…ha ha.

    My mommy wasn’t always so “hip”. She’s finally let herself have some fun though. She married a man 10 years younger so she’s gotta stay spunky ha ha.

  3. Hey Leah, you can’t claim all the credit for having a “cool” and “hip” Mom. Remember, she’s our “cool” and “hip” daughter of many years also.

  4. I just showed the pic of all of us to a coworker and told her that you and I are 13 years apart. She said, “Oh are you the youngest?” Ha ha. He he.

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