How do you teach a toddler to sleep in more?  He’s driving me nuts!

Any suggestions?

We got our two month notice yesterday…AHHHH.

that’s all I have for you.


  1. When you find the answer let me know!! I don’t know if it’s the earlier sunrise or a cruel punishment but Aidan is really beginning to like 5:30-6 am! UGH!

    Sorry about the notice! 🙁

  2. surely it is the sunrise, is there any way to make the room darker? This comes at a very inconvenient time for you being at a tired time of your pregnancy. I suerly need to ask God to give you strength for your day ( does he not promise us that).

  3. I don’t think so, it’s been cloudy and dark when he wakes up still so I don’t think it’s that. He goes to sleep at night before it’s dark now so I don’t think it’s a big problem. I think he’s just going through a phase…his teeth might hurt him by morning. I could try giving him Motrin in the night.

  4. I just thought to myself this morning as my son was awake at FIVE THIRTY, “Roselle has had way more kids than I have…she must be right!” So I proceeded to tape garbage bags (that she bought me no less) to his windows. We looks sufficiently white trashy now but if it helps him sleep well I don’t care. We’ll see tomorrow.

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