Mmmmmm Home

Ahhhhh spring break.

The idea of my dear Silas having a break from school is enough to have me shaking in my boots.  This kid needs structure, this kid needs routine, this kid needs SCHOOL!

So, last-minute I decided that if there had to be no school, then we gotta go somewhere.  So off to the wonderful land of sun and evergreen forests.  Lakes and rivers.  Wildlife and snow.  The Cariboo District of British Columbia.  Mmmmmm home.

When you live at the coast, you never experience TRUE quiet.  A kind of quiet that the only noise you hear is your own.  Where you can walk outside and not hear a car or a person or a siren.

The houses here aren’t smooshed together like a can of sardines.  There’s land in-between, yards, trees, grass.  All the houses are nestled in amongst the forest and everyone has their space.

Can you tell I love it out here?

My parents aren’t even here.  My sister Juliet and I met here and my parents left for a vacation of their own.  It’s nice though.  It’s a resort-like house with a hot tub and massive kitchen stocked full of food!  Perfect!

The kids are having so much fun.  Silas just finished his morning run on their treadmill.  He mostly pushed the buttons this time.  His first run, he went for 40 minutes.  Isaac is having fun helping Juliet.  She has a way of getting my kids to do things I can never get them to do.  I guess it’s just cuz I am mom.  I still don’t like my mom telling me what to do ha ha.

We’ve had a few melt downs.  That’s expected when Silas is out of his element but we keep telling him what’s happening next and he seems to do better with that.

I have an endless supply of delicious coffee which I am taking full advantage of.  They have an amazing espresso machine and I’ve been drinking americanos like a crazy person.

Did you know they’re called americanos because the American soldiers couldn’t handle straight espresso so they asked for it to be watered down…and the americano was born.  Thank you wimpy american soldiers.

Yesterday my bestie from highschool came over with her two daughters.  There’s something amazing about growing up together and then having our children together.  Having her almost two-year old call me auntie yeeyah melts me in to a big puddle of goop.  Even more so when she follows it up with a kiss.  Oh Avery.

Her eldest, Emily is a well spoken little stinker butt who also melts my heart when she calls me auntie Leah.  Because their momma, Courtenay, has been accepted into my family as an ACTUAL family member, I love her children like I love my own nieces and nephews.  They could be actual blood and I’d feel no different for them.  They. Are. Family.

Courtenay’s husband has recently acquired his bus license and a school bus to tote his  youth group around in.  He brought it over for my kids to ride in.  He heard Silas had a thing for transportation.

Silas did his wide-eyed, quiet, I’m-taking-everything-in thing for the entire ride.  He took them to the church parking lot where they were able to sit on his lap and “drive” the bus.  Oh the delight.  Isaac felt like such a man.  It was so cute.  I’m glad I got it on video….


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