My Favourite Mommy Bloggers

Now, I must admit that I do spend a lot more time writing and promoting than I do blog reading.  But, with this short time back on the daily blogging bandwagon, I’ve definitely have a favourite mommy blogger list to share.  It might be short, and if you’re not featured then…I probably just haven’t expanded who I’ve read…yet.


1. Jill at Yeah Good Times. – This is a fellow autism mom.  I love this woman for way too many reasons.  Her sense of humour is incredible, almost everything she says is funny.  A lot of her blogs have to do with funny situations she’s found herself in and she even adds drawings to assist her story telling.  Follow her on twitter @jillsmo and check out her blog.  I’d recommend this post: where she finds a dead mouse and tries to get rid of it.


2. Hayley at Love Art Baby – This woman feels like my soul sistah.  I forget who it was…but some person said once that the moment someone says “really? me too!” a friendship is born.  It’s rare I find a person with so many of these moments, but I’m glad I found her.  Hayley is newer to the mom blog scene but she’s doing it with style.  She’s a fabulous painter to boot.  Her blog covers art topics, baby wearing, her adorable son Jehryn and much much more.  Check her out! And follow her on twitter @loveartbaby I’d recommend this post: where she explains the most important ideal that she wants to impress on her son.  It’s a beautiful post and I couldn’t agree with her more.


3. Jen at Life on the SONny Side – Another funny, candid blogger that often makes me burst out laughing.  With coffee and wine as her “sister-wives”, this woman is definitely my kinda gal.  She is very creative with the way she blogs, saying things I wish I had thought up myself.  Check out her blog and follow her on twitter @Jenniferpro I’d recommend her recent elf on the shelf post – since her toddler is too young to understand it, she comes up with ideas to get her husband to comply.



Who’s your favourite mommy blogger (besides me of course)?


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