My Husband’s Biggest Mistake

grannie panties


This happened a while ago, but I don’t think Brent has every recovered from it.  It has dramatically changed our lives.  It was my husband’s biggest mistake.

If you’re getting here by googling “pantied husband”…this probably isn’t what you were looking for.  There’s a lot of you out there.  You should like comment below and start a little pantied husband network where you all won’t feel so alone in your…desires.  Go on…I don’t judge. (moving along)

It was a warm August day in 2011, we had just arrived at my parents house the day before and I realized in the morning that I hadn’t packed any underwear, none at all.  My husband was on his way into town o I told him my size and sent him off to grab me a few pairs.

He was gone for what seemed hours.  I was restless in my state of being commando, I like the security of a pair of undies.  I feel too wild, too exposed, too uncertain about myself if my nethers aren’t fully clothed.

Finally, he was home and presented me with a package of what seemed to be some comfortable cotton panties.  The fabric was as ugly as all hell, but I was delighted at my impending security.  My bits were soon to be covered.

I took the package to my room and began unwrapping it.  I grabbed the purple pair, took the tape off and began unrolling it.  It just wouldn’t stop unrolling.  My eyes grew wide at the immense size of these undergarments and I grabbed the package to make sure he didn’t grab me an XXXXXXL or something.  Nope, they were just my size.  But just so much fabric.  It felt like I was unrolling a small child’s blanket, perhaps an undershirt, I thought they got the packaging wrong!  But no, they were an enormous pair of purple cotton of panties!

I decided to take a leap and just try them on and as I pulled them up, the fit seemed just fine.  It was actually really nice…too nice.  The soft cotton, the full coverage…my behind was completely clothed in purple cotton and it just felt so right.

Obviously, by this time I had realized that my husband grabbed a package of granny panties without even noticing.  I was giggling wildly.  I knew, then, that this mistake was going to haunt him forever.  So, like any normal human being, I decided to come out of the bedroom and model them for the family.

They really are a sight to be seen, aren’t they?

So, most women in their 20’s would probably hide these away, perhaps keep them for laundry day or even throw them in the garbage.  C’mon, they’re grannie panties!! How embarrassing.  Not me though, nope.  These suckers have been in regular rotation ever since and I am delighted every single time I put them on.  I go for an entire day without a wedgie and without revealing my buttcrack to the world.  It’s amazing.  Brent, however, has to see me in them and, well, they go against the idea that sexy = barely there undies.  Too bad sucker!!!

To all you older-than-me women who I used to think were crazy for wearing such hideous panties, I can now 100% say: I feel you ladies, I really feel you.

Just to show you the enormity of these puppies.  Really, you could make me three pairs of panties out of one of these but, come on, who would want to give up such pantied bliss?



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