K, I writed.  and I think that’s it”.

That’s what Isabelle my neice wanted to say to everyone.  I was hoping she’d elaborate a bit more but that’s all she had to say.

Silas is getting sick so I wanted to give him some tylenol because he just didn’t want to do anything but cuddle.  All the MIL had was some Tylenol cold so we gave it to him.  1o minutes later he was running about like a maniac.  Gotta love pseudo-ephedrine.  Gosh, writing that made me sick to my tummy.  I hate giving him that stuff.  He does feel better though which is nice.

We’re singing at a candlelight service tonight.  We as in Me, Brent, Leanne and Colin.  Should be fun.  We’ve practiced a bit.  I’m excited to sing in front of people again.  I haven’t “performed” for a loooong time.  I really enjoyed practicing and everything.  Oh how I miss singing.

Anyway, that’s all for today.  Gotta visit visit visit and eat all the amazing food that they have for us here.


  1. Nice surprise to see a blog entry from you today! Have fun tonight Munchy! Hugs for Silas and Isaac! PS. I am a snowboarder now – may never ski again!

  2. Hey you!
    Just wanted to say hey baby! Miss ya! Hope you are having a good time in Manitoba. And hope you have a great Christmas and New Years! Loads of Love!

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