I’m sick, Silas is sick…fevers fevers fevers.  Whining…complaining.  I only cried a little I promise.  Silas’ fever got up to 104 yesterday and mine reached 102…that’s with drugs in us…lots of drugs.  Lucas has it too.

It’s one of those fevers that make you freezing cold and then so hot that you sweat buckets until you get too cold again.

Last night I took a shower and then came down with the chills, Brent thought the shower had just made me too hot.  I had two heavy blankets on me and it wasn’t until we introduced a heating pad that i warmed up.  My fever just kept climbing.  I haven’t been this sick in YEARS!!

No barfing though.  I thought I was close to it today as I was feeding Ikey oatmeal and whimpering like a school girl.

Yesterday Silas just cuddled on the couch but now he’s not feeling bad enough to be a nice little boy…just bad enough to be angry and evil.

I need my mommy.  I’m gunna go get a chick flick on VOD and be a zombie.

Ikey’s bday party is postponed until next weekend 🙁


  1. Oh man – that stinks woman! I was that sick plus the pukin just not to long ago. Took me almost a week to get over it. Hope it doesn’t hang around like that for you. Hope you’re better soon. HUGS!

  2. That sounds like one nasty flu…a mommy would be a very good help about now. I was in a home today where the flu is so I’m hoping to stay well… it was my niece’s house and I brought supper to herfamily as she’s awaiting surgery on her hand.

  3. ugh! Hubby and I had it last weekend! Lots and lots of Tylenol and motrin! Alternate every 4 hours, that seemed to keep my fever in check. being sick is the worst! get better soon!

  4. I’m sure it is an after effect from the tattoo. It should pass… and not be a lifelong plague. :oP

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