So Long, Farewell!!

This isn’t the last you’ll hear of me in 4 weeks, but it’s the last I’ll hear from you.  I’m excited about this and horrified at the same time.  But so excited to see what comes out of me when I’m not distracted by the computer.  I hope I don’t go NUTS!

Ok has anyone noticed the Reece’s peanut butter cup commericals lately?  They aired one a while ago with the slogan “to die for” and then recently they said “it’s like going to Heaven…without the awkward dying part”.

Isn’t that SLIGHTLY insensitive seeing that people do DIE from peanuts??  I think they’re doing that on purpose.  Why would they mention it twice??

I dare say, they do taste amazing and every time I see them in the grocery store I pine for them as I pick up peanut free Mars bars or Smarties.  But…hmmmm….couldn’t they be slightly more sensitive to those people who WOULD die from it?  Easily?  In like 2 minutes?  I’m just sayin.

Holy cow I’ve had too much coffee and I’m quivering.

Annnnnyway, today we went to the lake with the boys, luckily they’re still completely passed out after that.  Silas is getting so good in the water, he just smiles and tromps around in it.  He’s ok with all the kid screaming and splashing around him.  It’s nice.

I’m sorry, but you know that overloaded coffee feeling where you can’t hardly think straight?  Ya that’s me.  I’ll see you folks Monday, well…you’ll see me, I wont be seeing you!  I’ll miss you all!!  There’s some awesome bloggers lined up in the next 4 weeks, I’m so excited!!

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