Spring Is Near

Nothing says spring like a family trip to a nearby park.  A chance to run and frolic and climb and slide and swing.  The days are getting warming, the trees are bursting with flowers one by one, the spring flowers are emerging from their winter slumber….my eyes are starting to itch.  We must be nearing spring.

And with spring comes absolute joy from the kids when they get to play on a dry, warmer playground.

And Cleo can join us for the day because she won’t get covered in mud.

And coffee is still needed because the air still have a bit of a chill to it.  As a parent, a coffee is an important accessory to a time out with the children.  Sip and watch, sip and watch.

Dust those sunglasses off, we see something bright and round.  I forget the name of it…is it the sun?  There’s no spring accessory more important than a hot hot husband wearing aviators.

Can someone tell me how to keep those sweet cheeks forever?  Ikey can you stay this way?  When your chubby chubby cheeks jiggle when you run and there’s still something magical about this playground.

Look who grew over the winter.  He ate and ate and grew and grew and look how big he got!  Big and beautiful and perfect.  The true image of a boy with a hole in his jeans, messy blonde hair and a sweet smile on his face…

…but we all know he’s up to no good.

And lastly, there’s nothing like a good spring roll-about in something that smells good.  First you lower yourself to the ground (for her, lowering isn’t hard, she’s already rather low)

Second you get your back right on the sweet spot.

Make sure to apply as much pressure as possible to ensure the maximum scent.  This can be tough when your body is shaped like a sausage.

Finally, relax knowing you did a good job.  There’s even coverage, you were able to get to that itch and now you’ve worn yourself out enough for a good nap.

Ahhhh spring.  We welcome you.


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