The Autism Divide

There seems to be this crazy division between autism parents.  Two extremes.  There’s one side that’s the Jenny McCarthy following that’s all about curing autism and then there’s the opposite side with parents who think she’s full of BS.

I dunno what to think.  I’m going to try EVERYTHING I can, but I’m not putting much faith in biomedical therapy because, well, my case is different.  Silas didn’t “catch” autism.  He wasn’t perfectly fine and then he went backwards developmentally.  The MMR had no effect on him.  We were wondering about him from day one.  He was just always different.  If anything he’s gotten better with time.

The thing I hate about the whole Jenny McCarthy thing is that she’s got the money to do something about it.  She can afford all the mumbo jumbo and she can afford to find what works for her kid and not worry about money spent on things that don’t work.  The rest of us can’t do that.

I dunno much about either side but I don’t want to be on any of them.  I just want to find what works for Silas.  I think being close minded about treatments is in a way neglecting your kid.  Perhaps that’s harsh but we gotta try everything to make their lives easier.

I do NOT think my son needs a “cure”.  I think that’s balls.  I just want him to be happy, and he is.  If he doesn’t look autistic anymore then that’s cool but I want to embrace him, he didn’t contract autism, it’s a part of him, it’s who he is.  I used to think the other way.  That he wasn’t autistic but he HAD autism.  I can’t see it as a disease because then I’m denying who my son is.  I might feel differently if he was a child who went backwards.

I guess the thing is, we just need to figure out what works for us.  I’m not going to tell a parent they’re nuts for doing weird treatments on their kids.  I’m also not going to look down on a parent who finds none of it works.  We just need to do our best, stick together, find what works and continue on this rocky rocky road.

I’m pretty sure we’re all different because I’m pretty sure that lots of different things are causing autistic symptoms right now.  My psychologist agreed, sometimes it’s one thing and you can heal them and something it’s another one and you’re just going to have to do the best you can.

I just wish we’d all just get along.


  1. A-MEN! I’m absolutely not on the McCarthy side of things, but I agree that there needs to be a push from both sides to move forward. All the bickering, accusations and blame-gaming do nothing to help the kids who need it. let’s all work towards one common goal.

  2. Hi there. My son was born with autism as well. No doubt about it – no regression at our house. So I figured all that biomedical stuff was crazy. But when he was about 4, barely talking but could say enough to say “tummy hurt,” I got frustrated with the “establishment” docs and started doing some things biomedical. And amazing things started happening – within two weeks of treating “silent” reflux with prevacid and adding probiotics into the mix, he was speaking in full sentences and having some back and forth conversations. Then we started b-12 shots, which have also worked wonders. So I’m a convert for sure.

    I agree about not wanting to be on either side (I actually just wrote a Jenny post myself giving her props – for the first time), but what I like about what Jenny is doing is that she’s bringing attention to the medical issues that sometimes go hand in hand with autism. I could care less about the autism, but I want my child to feel well and be healthy, you know?

    So I guess I’m saying don’t rule any of it out just because your little one didn’t do the regression thing. There may still be some things that really help. As you said, the trick is finding what works, and that can get expensive. So far we’ve stopped at dietary and supplement alterations. We tried vision therapy to for awhile (nothing came of that). That’s about as far as we’ve gone.

    Anyway, good post. Nice to meet you!

    1. Ohhhh I’m for sure going to TRY it all. I’m just not getting my hopes up. I have a feeling the b12’s will be great though because of what just sublingual ones do for my ADD. Holy brain fog removal batman! We’ve tried to GFCF with no results but we’ll keep on trucking.

  3. I agree with you. However, in this case I think saying we can’t do what another parent does because we don’t have money is like saying it’s easier for Oprah to lose weight because she has money. Uh uh, I believe we can do what’s best for our kids and ourselves, despite not having the money. Jenny McCarthy and her son’s journey is different partly because she has money but not better or worse. She is advocating for what is best for her child, as you are for what is best for yours. I agree though that Mr. Silas came out of his Mommy his beautiful little autistic self and as with any child, we want him to be the best Silas he can be.

    I wonder if his moments of silence after the doctor helped him out were not lack of oxygen or trauma but him having a chat with God? Silas is magical, and I think him and the big man upstairs are in cahoots and have it all figured out; we’re the ones that aren’t sure what the hell is going on!

  4. I am soooo there with you about Jenny M. I am sure that my son was born autistic and it is just part of who he is…….we are starting to try the whole GFCF diet and not sure if it is going to work. It is expensive and difficult. He seems to be doing ok on it- we are just trying anything and everything that seems rational at this point so that I know in my heart we tried it all….. and it nothing works so be it- he is who he is.

    1. I was supposed to email you about it wasn’t I? Jenny’s website does have an amazing amount of info about the GFCF and where all these glutens and casseins are hiding. Definitely go there for all of your info.

      OOO and HANG IN THERE! Yes it’s difficult and sometimes expensive. It was EXTRA hard for us because of the peanut allergy so none of the specialty foods were available to us for the most part. I don’t know how picky of an eater your son is but mine got by without cassein easily because he HATES milk products for the most part. The gluten was harder but we did it. You’ll get used to it and if it works then aparantly it’s a miracle! *hugs* I know it’s hard.

  5. Beautiful post.
    I have 4 autistic kids. They’re all different.
    Some of them showed regression, some didn’t.
    But they all showed clear signs before vaccination.

    I think all of the parents are the same: we all want the best for our child.

    The controversy between the two camps is a scientific one.
    On that part I can contribute by explaining why some statements are completely wrong, or right.

    The controversy is also a psychological one.

    I think Jenny is a mom like all of us. No saint or whatever.
    But she creates ideas that may be harmful.

    She should advocate a good diagnosis to start with.

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