The Day I Lost My Shit on a Very Old Man in Dollarama

I am not a confrontational person.  I really wish I was but I hate it too much.  Instead of my flipping out on a person…I’ll just forgive them and move on…and sometimes when I’m alone I’ll recite all the things I’d REALLY like to say to them.  I don’t really push my feelings down, I just find a way to forgive or just distance myself from them and go on with my life.  There’s really only a few people I feel safe confronting.  In other words, I’m a total wimp….on with the story.

Isaac and I were in Dollarama, wandering the aisles, enjoying all the awesome stuff you only have to pay a dollar for.  He was younger then, but still capable of pushing their tiny carts through the aisles and I let him because he wanted to!  I enjoy fostering independence!  Anyway…those carts have these long posts on them that stop you from being outside so the miscreants won’t steal them or they don’t get wet or tossed around…or whatever.  That pole is on the outside of the cart and sticks out about an extra 1.5 inches from the side of the cart.  It is round, no sharp edges…it’s just there.

So we’re strolling down the craft aisle, checking stuff out.  Isaac is walking along in front of me at a reasonable pace.  Walking toward us is this rather old man and as him and Isaac pass each other, the post on the cart brushes the man’s shoulder.  Once that happens the man glares at my son and says “little fucker”.

So I guess I have a threshold…there definitely a line before I LOSE IT!!!  BECAUSE I LOST MY SHIT ALL OVER HIM!

I can’t remember exactly what I said to the miserable old man but it was loud and I was walking after him.  I don’t think I swore or called him any names but I know it started of with an “EXCUSE ME?  YOU DO NOT TALK TO MY SON LIKE THAT!!! RAWR RAWR RAWR RAWR RAWR RAWR”

“well you need to watch your kid”


So the man kept walking away and other shoppers were looking at me – all worried like.  I told them what he said, because he hadn’t said it very loud.  I think I babbled to them about how I never do that and so on and so forth…

Once I reached the till, I had the full adrenaline shakes going, I told the manager and she tried to find him.  Her intention was to kick his grouchy old ass out, but I don’t know if she ever found him because I left rather quickly….so I could go cry in my car.  Like I told you, I’m a total wimp.

BUT this wimp does have a line.  If you so much as mutter something about my kid…shit’s going to get real RIGHT quick and you best be on your merry way.

All in all, I’m glad that happened.  I always wondered what would provoke the momma bear in me to come out and gnash it’s teeth.  Isaac didn’t even hear the man and I totally kicked his proverbial ass.  I wonder if that man was even used to having a woman stand up to him.  I bet not.  Now I know I can hold my own when something happens…so that’s cool.  It made me feel pretty powerful, actually.



  1. I am exactly like you. I avoid confrontation like the plague, but if I’m pushed too far, I go berserk. I went off on an older woman on an airplane once because she complained about my son drumming on his tray, before we took off, while I was frantically trying to dish out their McDonalds food so they would be quiet. I loudly told her to shut up and I hoped they cried and banged and kicked the back of her seat the whole flight. Half way through the flight I apologized. I was just pushed too far. But the comment by that guy…I would have done what you did.
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  2. Remember when the “dollar star” guy accused Con of taking the wrapper off a toy (which he didn’t)?… Holy MaMa Bear did I freak out! Our children can never accuse us of not defending their honor 🙂

  3. NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING sets me off as quickly and as totally as when someone “picks on” any young person or older person who’s in need of consideration. REALLY? I have no tolerance for bullies. Good for you!

  4. Totally know where you’re coming from – my 4 year old girl used to have a thing about holding her hand out to the side whilst walking along so she would often brush the legs of strangers walking the other way. One time a lady stopped in the street and said “oooh you pinched me, BAD GIRL!” I tellya, if it had been a movie this is the moment when in slow-mo the camera would document my face contorting into a fury the likes of which has never been seen before!!! So… I reckon we all do what you did – call people on their shit and make them realise kids are kids – THEY are the adult!

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