The Man I Married

I don’t talk much about my husband, I don’t know why…I guess he’s not around when all the stay at home mommy action happens.  I need to tell you about him for once.

Meet Brent…


Brent first attracted me because he was one of those people who looked you in the eye when you talked and seemed truly interested.  Now I know he most likely did that because he wanted to make out with me…but at least it hooked me in right?

Brent is probably one of the most selfless people I know.  I’ve gotten used to the selflessness and sometimes I wish I was more grateful about it.  I whine that I’m thirsty and he’s handing me water.  I tell him I’m tired and he tells me to go lay down.  I want a Mars Bar and he’s in the car going to get me one.  He’s always giving me the last bite of his food and when we share something to eat I swear we cut the last piece of food in half like 8 times before one of us forces the other to have the last bite.  I hope I never take advantage of him…sometimes I wonder if I do though.

Brent is definitely the strong silent type.  Sometimes I wonder what’s going through that man’s brain.  He’s typically even planed, strong, steadfast, etc.  There’s never any surprises with him.  He never yells…EVVVERRR.  He’s slow to anger, and fast to forgive.  We’ve never yelled at eachother…not once.

Brent is terrible at finding things.  I swear he gets finding anxiety and gets tunnel vision and can’t actually see anything.  He’ll look for 10 minutes for something that’s out in the open, right in front of his nose.  It’s hilarious.

Brent is an incredible worker.  You give that man a job and you’ll never ever ever want him to leave.  He went from a general labourer in the construction world to a full fledged site manager in 2.5 years.  From knowing nothing about construction to being a boss of trades people who had been doing it for 30 years, partially in charge of a 30 million dollar build.  He took the homes after the drywall was up and saw them through to finish.  He is an AMAZING worker.  I swear on my life that he can do ANYTHING he wants.

Brent is extremely affectionate with me and the kids.  He’s right in there snuggling and smooching and loving on them just as I am.  He adores them (and me) SO much.  His eyes light up when he talks about our kids.  He’s such a snuggler with me too…I love it.

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on about my husband.  Before I make my siblings barf all over the floor, I’ll wrap up.

I seriously think I married the best match for me.  He’s an INCREDIBLE person who I admire and adore.  I love his gentle spirit and he’s hot to boot!


  1. Did you want to make me cry…well that does because I’m glad you’re his wife and you recognize these things about him….and I’m proud of the man of character that he is. His Dad is a really good guy too .

  2. Barf barf barf. Just kidding. I love Brent, too. Probably different then you, though. OK, not probably – definitely for sure different then you. 😉

  3. Does Brent maybe have an older brother here overseas in Europe ? To meet and marry me :-). Oh, well his brother probably wouldn’t be just like him, so I guess I have to find “my Brent” on my own. But I really hope I do find this guy someday, because what you have with your husband sounds so incredible wonderful. All the best to both of you and your boys!

  4. sigh, oh brent, you really are truly wonderful (barf barf). just kidding. leah forgot to mention you’re a rock star! i have some of the coolest BIL’s around, all unique and bright and genuine. i love you too, but in the Jennie way, and i love your wife and bouncing babies!

  5. Leah, what a beautiful tribute to your wonderful husband. (I could add Gramps to that tribute also.) We are so thankful our granddaughters have married very wonderful fellows. Love, Gram

  6. For some strange reason when I read the title of the blog…I knew you’d use that picture.
    I think it’s great that you found someone so caring and wonderful….so perfect.

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