They Drive Me CRAZY!


Isaac is on a rampage and he just makes it worse for himself for touching things he’s not supposed to.  He’s just downright angry today.

I just lied to Silas and told him there was sour cream in my breakfast because I didn’t want to share it with him ha ha.  BAD LEAH.  He wont go within a five foot radius of sour cream even though he’s never tasted it in his life.  It guess the look of it frightens him.

Isaac was mad right away this morning.  Once he saw me at least.  I had to clean up this foul poop and he’s in that phase now where he can’t stand bum changes.  Luckily Silas is out of that phase now.  He was SO MAD AT ME.  Then after I wiped like 800 times I had to change Silas’ bum.  Isaac kept opening the door and I kept having to close it and he was getting more and more angry.  He was very happy to eat but then didn’t eat much and got angry again after.  He’s still angry now…but he’s in his crib so it’s slightly muffled and drowned out by sweaty Freddy Mercury in tight white short shorts (and nothing else) singing We Are the Champions.  Yes, we’re still in the Queen phase.  So I guess that makes it a bit less tolerable.  Oooo I hear quiet now…phew.

I’m at a loss right now.  Ikey isn’t napping in the afternoon right now.  He’s only doing his morning nap.  I put him in his bed and he’s happy in there for like two hours.  So I guess it’s quiet time for him then.  I know I should change the nap schedule but then Silas and I wouldn’t get this time together where we cuddle by ourselves and I blog and he watched strange youtube videos that are sure to add to his musical genius.  Although, right now Queen is in a white tight body stocking with a frilly jacket and frizzy hair with bangs ha ha.

My body hurts…badly.  Jennie’s added these exercises that work our glutes and every muscle near the glutes, muscles I didn’t know I had.  I didn’t know my hamstrings had that many strings of ham on them.  I’m sure some of them have never been worked out like THAT.  Ouchy.

My hams and I are done talking to you today.

This blog was brought to you by the letter “M”


  1. If I lived close to your house I would come over and take Ikee for a walk and cheer him up. I shall have another workout in the pool…though yours sounds like its workin’.

  2. Guess what? . We picked our first tiny tomato awhile ago. I will cut it in half so we can share that little thing. More are coming on and will be ready soon. Also, we picked 4 green beans and just ate them raw. Lots of beets are ready – think I will make refrigerater pickles. Chard is good. Etc.

    My precious sister has been real bad today. I will stay with her tomorrow so Gramps can take her hubby shopping. I love her so much and it is very difficult to see her with alzheimers. She does know us though. Love, Gram

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