This is the Title.

I just realized I don’t have much time.  The kids are in a daycamp today as it is a Pro D day today.  Silas got to go to school twice this week.  Lame.

He was just playing an ear training game on my iphone and it’s so weird to watch him.  Perfect pitch is when someone can play a note and you can tell them what note it is, you also have to be able to sing and note that someone asks you to sing.  Silas can do that but with colours on his little xylophone so now he’s working on the real note names.  Once he learns the note names and how to read music there really be no stopping him.  It’s incredible.

He learns at such a fast pace.  Just now as he was playing he was getting about 50% of the note right.  In a matter of minutes he’s getting about 80% of the notes right.  It’s amazing to watch, a true miracle of nature.

Someone asked me the other day, when I noticed this gift of his, why it still shocks me when he does this.  I guess I dunno why, he just amazes me on a daily basis.  I don’t wanna be a braggy mommy, but I can’t help getting excited about his gifts.  Especially after such a diagnosis, you have to focus on the good.  There’s so many good things about my little Silas.  Mostly his little smile and cheery presence.

Anyway, short blog….have a fanFREAKINGtastic weekend.


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