This Loss is Just Too Big

It’s hard to know what to blog about after Friday happened.  I spent the entire day in tears, just counting down the minutes where I could see my children again.  Thankfully I was able to go early to help them with their gingerbread houses and I just couldn’t stop squeezing them.  My eyes were heavy from crying but I was just so glad to have them near me.

I just….have no words.  My heart aches for these families.  For the teachers.  For the emergency response crews.

I kiss my kids at night with my soul begging theirs to always be with me.  I drove them to school today with a heavy heart, making sure Silas and I resolved our problem we had at the door this morning.  Parents shouldn’t be feeling this way as they drop their kids off at school today but I’m sure there wasn’t one of us who didn’t think about Sandy Hook Elementary as we kissed our babies goodbye for the day.

This loss is just too big, it’s too sad.

I don’t really have anything profound to say.  I’m just really hoping that the conversation about mental health care and gun control stays open.  Canada is terrible with ignoring mental health issues as well.  Especially among the children in the foster care system.

I hope that people continue to hug their babies tight and tell them they love them as often as they can, not just because this happened, not letting the motivation to just fade with time.

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