Weight Loss (or gain) Wednesday

I know I was going to keep you all up to date on my weight loss progress but there really hasn’t been any.  I’ve most likely lost about 30 pounds or something but it’s just me going between like 168 and 173.  Dang.

It really makes me mad because I’m a healthier eater than most people.  I don’t drink pop, I only eat whole grains, I make 90% of my food, I don’t eat anything pre-packaged, I don’t eat sugary treats often, I don’t eat much bread, etc.  I DO eat pizza too often and I DO have a A&W, Wendy’s or Burger King almost once a week.  I need to stop that.  I’ve learned that A&W isn’t a place we can eat at.  They tell you only their pies are “may contain peanuts” but they fry them in the same oil as the fries.  Hosers.

I also eat too much.  I stuff myself too full of all of my home-made goodness and if the food is sitting around, I pick at it.  I’ll actually find myself picking at it and can’t remember how I got there.  So I’m an over eater of healthy food and therefore I cannot lose weight.

It’s also the exercise.  I’ve started doing Tae Bo and I’m enjoying it quite a bit.  It’s just been a week so there’s no results yet other than it getting much easier.  I ALMOST can do all of the basic one.  Almost.  I’ll be onto the advanced one in a few weeks I think.

I’m not letting myself think too much about the Tae Bo.  I’m not getting excited about it, I’m not thinking too hard because then I’ll talk myself out of it.  After both the kids are down for nap I just turn off my brain and go and do it.  No thinking allowed!!  Then as I’m sweating and hurting I just think about kicking the crap out of my unhealthy state.  I also think how it’s less miserable to burn than it is to feel poorly about not being healthy.

Anyway, I need to give up on the pizza and burgers 100%.  I’ll make my own pizza and my own burgers once in a while but I can’t keep ordering them.  Once I get totally motivated I might give up milk products again.  I lose loads of weight when I do that and I already supplement with calcium so that’s no problemo.

Anyway, there, I’ve confessed.  There has been no progress in the numbers but some progress in changing habits.


  1. Well congrats on the weight you have lost. You are doing a good job! Changing old habits is really hard. I know because I haven’t been able to change any as of late. But I did lose 7 lbs since they put me on a new medication so thats awesome! Since I didn’t do anything…

  2. Oh I love Tae Bo! I haven’t done it for years though. Bummer for me… scratch that… bummer for my butt 🙂 haha I’m stuck at a number on the scale right now and it’s driving me crazy. I would love to do some working out while babies are sleeping, but I can about imagine how crazy the 5 year old boy I watch would think I was. Maybe I could get him to join me….. probably not. I get bored doing the routines at home by myself. I wish I could find a partner. Tried going for a walk the other night but the stupid stroller wouldn’t snap together and hubby is out of town so I couldn’t get his muscley 🙂 self to fix it for me. Good Luck and Congrats on the weight loss so far!

  3. I know how ya feel…i’ve been losing the same 5 lbs forever! i actually started doing ‘hip hop abs’ now, its kinda lame but i love it and it’s actually working. well, i gained 2 lbs but it was all muscle because i lost inches off my waist..yay!

  4. Sounds like you are making some very positive and wise choices…that seems to be what this whole weight loss thing is all about.
    just making better choices.
    I join you in the journey and commend you on your honesty and committment to working out!
    Keep up the good work–it will pay off!
    Hang in there–you are not alone.


  5. I congratulate you on at least trying. Losing weight is hard. For me, I think that after two years of sustaining a 35lb. loss and not going anywhere I have found my jump start with portion control and a low-glycemic food choice. I think fast food is my downfall! Continued good luck and I will try to stay away from the drive throughs.

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