Winning Feels Gooooood

Congrats to my sister Jennie and her family!!  She and her husband have had the same foster family in their home for 7(ish) years now.  They’ve really been wanting to adopt the kids but didn’t want to if their birth parents still had access to the kids.  The birth parents upset them quite a bit.

The birth parents had taken the ministry to court to try and get more access to their kids and the ministry fought back for zero access so Jennie and Terry would adopt the kids.  It’s been a LONG road.  Loads of canceled court dates and even more loads of stress but on Monday the judge had made his decision and the ministry won!!  The adoption has already been started and within a year I’ll have them as my “official” nieces and nephews even though I’ve been Auntie Leah to them from the beginning.

I’m sooo happy for my sister and her husband.  This takes away the stress of court, the stress of wanting to adopt them and not being able to and the stress of fearing they’ll get taken away from them.

So I’m glad it’s all over and my sister and her family can relax a bit.

In other news: Ikey has found his penis.  It’s all downhill from here folks.


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