Lazy Morning

Goodness what a lazy morning we’ve had thus far.  We all slept in and once Silas woke up he had a small cuddle and we went off playing and doing his thing.  I stuck a load of laundry in for him to keep him entertained…so weird.  He brought me a box of crackers and I’d sleepily hand one to him whenever he asked…whatever curbed his hunger.  I soon realized it was getting pretty late so I went and woke up Ikey and we laid in bed and nursed and cuddled a bit.  Silas was smothering Isaac with love and kisses.  It was a nice time.  Ikey usually doesn’t lay there like that with me so it was nice that he wasn’t trying to get away.

I think Isaac is starting to say mama and dada.  He can say both of them and will say them sometimes if you tell him to.  I think he’s pretty much got what the words are associated with.  Mama starts off with “mmmm mmmm mmma mmma ma ma ma” and then goes into simply saying “mama mama”.  He does the same thing with dada.  It’s so cute.  OOOO he’s yummy.

K I’m sure you’re mainly waiting for the photos so I’ll stop talking and give them to you.


Jennie and I put them in a box this morning.


they found it to be quite enjoyable



Sleeping in the car seat.


typical Silas look


  1. We like lazy days too–I do anyway. 🙂 I’m feeling *very* pregnant…the more laying down time the better!

    I can’t believe how big Ikey is! Kids across the internet grow up so quickly.

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