Weird Children.

Praise the Lord God Almighty!! It’s nap time!! This morning has been a bit wacky. Ikey woke up an hour early (again) and was trying to ruin Silas’ and my morning routine. He screamed through the whole breakfast and coffee making process. I about snapped. Then everything was fine for a while because he was in nap again.

After Ikey woke up I had the brilliant idea to take them for a stroll in the stroller. It’s beautiful outside for once so I seized the moment and ventured out to explore our community that we’ve lived in for months and never actually explored. We ended up at this nearby park, it was beautiful in there. You could tell it was brand-new. They had lovely rubber pads below all of the toys and not rocks that get into your shoes or bark that gives you slivers. Ikey had his first swing ride (I know, I’m bad) which he enjoyed and the proceeded to scream the rest of the time. There was this cool spinning toy that Silas and I were enjoying, trying to ignore the party-pooper.

Finally we started back home. Once we got home you would have though I had told them they have to go live with their evil aunt Agnus who doesn’t let children have any toys or cookies. They were FREAKING! Isaac was beyond upset, he was in the no noise scream. I don’t know what was going on. I’m scared they don’t like the outside now or something. I’m going to keep taking them out this week because they need to get out there when we have a few sunny days. I don’t think I’ll ever be good at getting them out in the rain until they’re a bit older. The whole experience made me feel like a bad mother…especially when Silas was grossed out by the dirt on his hands. I really need to (and wish I could) get them rolling in the dirt more.

Silas is getting obsessive about a few more things than just spinning now. It makes me have a little “something is wrong” feeling in my tummy. Aside from continuing with watching things spin…almost constantly…he’s now lining things up in rows. It’s mainly his shapes from his shape sorter. He lines them all up, upside down, and keeps rearranging them. Perhaps it’s normal. He’s also getting me to put various toys and things on top of the dryer. Apparently his toothpaste belongs up there. When I took it down to brush his teeth before nap he freaked and flew off the counter to stop me without thinking that he’d fall. Right now he has an empty nursing pad box, and empty rice cereal box, a bunny, a cow, lotion and a teether up there. I’m not sure what to make of it, there’s also a bunch of toys piled beside the washer/dryer. Weird kid I think. In the bath he lines up all the bottles and toys in there.

The remarkable part of the shape lining up is that he can tell if he’s missing a shape. Yesterday he had put the diamond somewhere else and when he was done lining up the shapes he said “diamond diamond??” and ran around looking for it. Today it was the triangle. There’s 9 shapes there, pretty good that he can tell which one is missing.

Anyway, my kid is weird…or normal. I don’t know what to expect from a two year old…at all.

I took some shots of my beautiful Isaac the other day. Click on the photo below to see the whole gallery, I think you’ll like it!



  1. Silas lining things up is completely normal. Jacob does it all the time and when I asked my dr about it she said not to worry….so stop worrying LOL

  2. When I filled an application out for preschool it asked what my son played with. I really had not much to put except a few things and “He LINES THINGS UP.” He wants everything lined up and he wants it done perfectly. Otherwise he gets upset. So I’d say it’s normal. 🙂

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