What a Success

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin.  Even the thought of writing this blog completely overwhelms me.

This weekend turned out REALLY WELL!!

For those of you who do not know, we held an 80’s Tight and Bright for Silas.  We are trying to raise money to purchase a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for our darling Silas…and to share with the community.  Who knows, it make spark something in me to do more fundraising and maybe open up an entire centre…we will see.

So, we made more money than I thought we would.  I wasn’t having my hopes up about anything but it turns out we made just over 6 grand!!!  That’s because some amazing people stepped forward and matched what we had made during the fundraiser.

Our first night was our best night, to do it again I would listen to my gut and only do one night….two is a lot.  It was fantastic to see people interested in our cause, believing us that this is what we truly think our son needs and then giving money for us to go for it.

It was great to see people bidding on auction items, buying 50/50 tickets…raffles…etc.  These are things I never personally do…cuz I’m weird like that.  I will from now on…but only for fundraisers.

My husband’s band ROCKED SO MUCH.  Everyone was up dancing to all their amazing 80’s classics like “Shook Me All Night Long” and “Animal”.  Despite the fact he was wearing a crazy mullet wig, I was incredibly attracted to my sexy hunk of a man.  His voice is amazing doing those songs and it made my heart go pitter pat.  I can’t express how good of a band they are…you just have to see them to know of their awesomeness.

So many people stepped up to donate their time.  I’d love to highlight them in this blog but I also like to create my anonymity so those of you who helped, thank you.  I will be highlighting you on my personal Facebook where I will try to send as much business your way as possible.  I certainly have some amazingly generous friends and I love them very very much.

There’s absolutely nothing attractive about that photo but I feel it’s the one that makes me look the skinniest.  Of course I had to give my schpeal and, because I like to believe that one day I will become one of those motivational speakers with big hair, I was excited by the opportunity.

Note the dress…..take a lonnnnnngggg look.  You’re in awe aren’t you?

I’ve learned a few things from planning this.

1.  I’m still a horrible procrastinator

2. I don’t really like event planning

3. I put on a pretty awesome party

Expanding on those, the manager of the pub asked me to plan another event for July.  A motorcycle show and shine.  Don’t think I will…see learned thing #2.

I was pretty stressed out.

Once the band was on it’s last set, everyone was well into their likker and dancing, I calmed down a lot.  Dancing with everyone was fantastic and just enjoying the band…oh that band.

My very very very favourite part happened both nights.  Each night had some random, middle aged man who was dancing like a crazy person.  Very very very entertaining.  The first night it was a crazy German man who kept going on his knees and laying back while playing air guitar.  The more drunk he got, the harder it was to understand his accent.  By the end of the night he was offering to fly the entire band out to Germany for Christmas.  We call that drunk talk.

THEN….on Sunday my fabulous neighbour of mine who happens to be an alcohol rep…which happens to make MY life a lot more fun on the weekends…he did a Whiskeys of the World Grand Master Tasting.  It was amazing.  I had so much fun and I enjoyed the company of everyone who came out.  This man is so much fun to hang out with, he would be without the copious amounts of expensive alcohol he bestows upon us.  Him and his wife just rock.  But to hear him go on about single malts is like…nothing you’ve ever heard before.  I could listen all night, I really could.

Anyway.  Thanks to everyone who came, who supported, who donated.  Will keep you updated on the status of the machine.  We still need to raise just over 3k to get it here.  The only fundraiser ideas I’ve got is a VERY extensive bottle drive…

PS…none of these photos are mine…I just stole them off Facebook walls 🙂





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