Who’s The Crazy One?

I have this memory that when I was in Cuba swimming in the ocean with one of my besties (@courtenaymomma).  Her and I swam really far out in this crystal clear water and then we stopped for a minute and were talking then we looked down and saw two sharks swimming below us.  We yelled “AHHHHH SHARK!!” and giggled and swam away as fast as we could.  We weren’t too scared but we weren’t sticking around.

I swear this happened.  I tell people this happened.  This happened.

She has no memory of this and she’s the girl who remembers a lot of stupid details about things that I never remember.  Like: “Hey Leah remember when we did that…it was a Tuesday and you were wearing your polka dot sock and your striped sock” and I’m like “that never happened.  I didn’t even own a polka dot sock”.

How could a person forget swimming in the ocean with sharks but remember my stupid socks?  I mean.  It’s sharks.  They’re scary.  We could have been two of the 5 people who die from shark attacks annually.

Except now that I think about her not remembering I’m starting to think maybe it didn’t happen.  Like I had a weird dream and I never actually swam with the sharks.


I can’t tell who’s the crazy one – me or her!?



  1. From one shark sighting girl to another, I can tell you with all certainty, that you are indeed crazy…and you swam with sharks.

      1. By “naughty” behavior I mean non intentionally attracting incredibly gorgeous pushy men and getting in trouble for blushing about it. Pretty much. Oh and once for being in a group of two because all our friends left while we waited for our order that we had already paid for…so we were the bad ones. Ya that. Might still be bitter about that…

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