Yay Party Mix!!

K maybe not yay….maybe OUCHY.  I had a dreadful morning but for you to fully understand the story, I must give you some background.

About 3 years ago, before all this blogging business, I had this awful chest pain, worse than labor, worse than kidney stones, I felt like I was dying.  Brent took me to the ER and after the nurse told me to stop screaming (I swear I wasn’t) she stuck me with morphine which made everything better.  After being xrayed and tested they sent me home with no answers.

Someone suggested that they might be muscle spasms and the next time they hit me I decided to try deep breathing and it worked like magic.  Since then I’ve felt like I can control them with breathing alone.

So yesterday they started up in the morning and they hurt more than usual but I kept them controlled and it was alllll goood.  But this morning they woke me up again and I felt panicky because they hurt so bad.  I tried to lay down and relax and breathe but it wasn’t working so I started walking around. It would get bad and better then worse then a bit better.  My stomach was sticking out because all the muscles were so hard.  It got to the point where I told Brent to get ready to take me to the ER so while he was preparing things I called my mommy because she’d beat me up if I went to the ER without her knowing.

Mommy talked to me, got me calm and the spasms were under control.  Phew.  Thanks mommy.  Her voice is so relaxing and I think focussing on the conversation took my focus off the pain.  Mommy Rocks.

Anyway, i had to bed the front desk lady at the dr’s office to let me see my doc today.  I just didn’t want to face that pain tomorrow again.  He got mad at me that I wasn’t taking my puffers through this cough.  He poked around and found loads of inflamtion in my ribs, pecs and my back was in knots.  So the figured that the spasms come from the inflamation which is coming from the coughing!!  Yipes.

So, I must take my inhalers regularily, I also must take Naproxen twice a day to get rid of the inflamation…for two weeks.  He also gave me a CRAPLOAD of T2’s to help with the pain and to stop the coughing so I’m not so inflamed.  I’m really hoping that tomorrow morning will be a pain free one.  That feeling is awful.

I hate my puffers though, and this medication makes me drowsy.  My puffers make me shake uncontrolably and  I can’t focus on anything and I feel kinda like I’m gunna panick.  I hate them.

Anyway, I’m glad we have a plan of attack.  I also added some super duper strong probiotics to the mix to attempt to heal this crazy awful immune system I seem to have.



  1. I’ve been busy with traveling and hockey and concussions… and haven’t read your blog in a while. I think you and Jennie must be passing sickness back and forth from house to house. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so bad for a long while. Hope you’re better soon. Remember, you can come down and sit in the sunshine at my house.

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