100 Things About Me Part II

As a continuation of part 1, here are the next 25 of 100 Things About Me!!

26.  I went to Germany and toured around with a choir.  We would do impromptu singing in these magnificent cathedrals and people would gather and cry.  It was amazing.  Out of our random singing episodes we were asked to sing at the Berliner Dom during their evening service.  We didn’t go there just for random singing though, we had shows all over the place.  We also recorded a CD in Burg Rothenfels, a 1000 year old castle.

27. I’m an EXTREMELY affectionate person and I kiss my children at least 100 times a day, I also still snuggle with my parents and grandparents.

28. A lot of the time I feel like I’m getting a cold but I never get one.  I think I need to go for allergy testing.

29. I was in a big car accident in grade 10.  We went over a 20 foot cliff, hit a rock and tipped over.  My seat belt came undone and I smashed into the dash and wind shield.  I sprained my neck, broke several teeth which took hours to repair and still give me issues, I also caved in the glove box with my shins and they were SO bruised.  I had a cut on my forehead and scrapes all over my chin and my elbow was also badly bruised.  We were in a truck and I had to hold the door open above my head so my brother could climb out which felt awful with a sprained neck.  I finally made my way out of the car and Andy shone the flashlight at my head and looked horrified, I was bleeding all over.  We saw headlights and I ran up the side really fast (talk about adrenaline).  Some old guy took us home and called 911.  But the settlement money I got from it paid for lots of college and my trip to Germany, France and Italy.  I met Brent because of it also.  I’d say it was worth it 🙂

30. If I could still feel and look great and also eat burgers and pizza every day I would.  I love burgers and pizza with all of my heart.

31. I have extra nipples, but most of you know that 🙂

32. I can do that high singing stuff that Maria Carey does…just not as well ha ha.

33.  I might try out for Canadian Idol in the spring.

34.  My first musical I was in was The Wizard of Oz, mom made us try out and we were so mad until we got there and had a blast!!  Since then I was in A Christmas Carol, The Music Man, Bye Bye Birdie and Guys and Dolls.

35. I used to think I was a skater in high school for a while there BAH HA HA HA.

36.  In high school I used to cut Courtenay’s and my own hair.  We’d share boxes of dye also and would always come to school with orange man cuts.  It was bad.  Sorry Cootie.

37. Courtenay have been in each other’s lives since Kindergarten.  We lived in the same town, went to Awana with each other.  I moved away and came back and then our schools played floor hockey against each other and then we were in a community band together.  I moved away to another town and she showed up at the same elementary school as me a few weeks later and then I moved almost right next door to her.  It was meant to be.  We didn’t get close until grade 9 where we when I ran out of excuses not to hang out and someone came by with a welder and stuck us together at the hip.  One can only clean their sock drawer so many times.

38. My step-dad taught me this very illegal way of getting off the highway where we lived, pretty much going in the off ramp and it was fun.  I did it once and got pulled over and cried and I never told them until Courtenay opened her mouth years later and they laughed their faces off.  Mark you still owe me 75 bucks!!

39.  Hardly a day goes by where I don’t talk to all three sisters, Leanne and my mom.  Otherwise I’m fairly frightened of phone calls (aside from the few others I call sometimes 🙂 ).

40. I want to be in a band SO badly.

41. I have a problem where I have to finish all of the food on my plate.  I’m scared of what might happen if I don’t…what happens?

42. I’m the only person in my family that was born in Canada.

43. I can’t stop listening to Blue Rodeo after going to their concert

44. I watched the new 90210 the other night and might I say…WOOT WOOT.

45.  I got “woot woot” from Strongbad’s Teen Girl Squad…Here’s the video…

46. I was in the percussion section in my grade 12 high school band.  I was also in choir, jazz choir, Guys and Dolls, guitar class, piano lessons, church worship team and 2 different singing teachers a week.

47.  I really miss doing music.

48. Feeling judged makes me seriously angry.

49. I can’t tell a lie hardly ever unless it REALLY saves my butt or it’s very very very white.

50. Silas, Isaac and I usually end up having a dance party at least once a day, if not more 🙂


  1. 29. She forgot to mention that her big sister wept hysterically all the way to the hospital. We didn’t know how badly or not so badly she was hurt and it was HORRIBLE. And I’m getting tears in my eyes just thinking about that drive.

    40. I want you to be in a band, too. I didn’t know you wanted to be in a band and I’ve often wondered why you’re not in a band.

    49. Ditto

  2. Ya every one was crying because they didn’t know ANY details. Awe, it’s moments like that where big mean sisters actually let out a little that they love you…Jules was crying too 🙂

    I dunno why I’m not in a band, I guess I’m scared.

  3. Gramps and I will never forget that night that you and Andy were in that accident – and the details following. (We were at your Mom and Mark’s visiting – at Christmas time.) Gramps and I were very frightened. I (Gram) remember praying all the way to the hospital that all would be all right.

    Yes, I am wiping tears thinking about the accident.

    Love, Gram

  4. 36. That’s ok, cause at least you had the same haircut too. Nothing like sharing hair dye.

    37. I like your rendition of the Chronicles of Cootie and Lelu.

    38. I still say its not my fault you didn’t fess up to that one on your own. At least I didn’t tell them about the time I taught you to drive in their car and you smashed my face into the dash with your braking maneuvers…oh I guess I just did. At least I learned my lesson after that.

  5. Awe Grams…I remember seeing you all when I came out on the stretcher, I’m sure I looked 100 times worse that I actually was.

    Cootie- What the heck were you doing with your face so close to the dash anyway?? ha ha. I don’t remember that.

    ADD- there’s lots more where that came from. So funny and random. My brother was just fine. He just had a sore neck and a whole lotta guilt. He was driving but it was a complete white out, he couldn’t see a thing and it came on in a sudden instant where it was just white. We were only going like 30 kms.

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