New Books!!

So I got my first book that I ordered.  I went on a slight Amazon spree…who can say no to Amazon though?  You get books for so cheap!!  I ordered Raising Your Spirited Child, The Out Of Sync Child, The Out of Sync Child Has Fun, the workbook to go along with Spirited Child (I think) annnnnnd The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work.  All of which I’m very excited about going through.

I’ve been walking to my mailbox with my boys, making a big event about it because I can’t wait for my books to come.  I was very happy to see Spirited Child there yesterday and I’m PRAYING this will give me some help with Silas and his…attitude.

A spirited child can be explain as more.  They’re more of everything.  They can be super hyper or busy but they also can be SUPER laid back.  They don’t whimper, they flip out completely or become completely recluse and stare at the wall.  So just MORE.  I have a feeling my BIL Colin was rather spirited ha ha ha.

Spirited also lies within the realm of typical, you can’t be diagnosed as “spirited”, it’s not a health issue, it’s just a personality thing more.

Anyway, woot.  Help has arrived.

The marriage book I’m particularly excited about as well.  Gottman has studied marriages for YEARS, following the same couples for 20 years.  He’s found what keeps a marriage going and what keeps it healthy.  Brent and I both entirely SUCK at communication so my counselor told us to read it together, it’s like a workbook kinda thing too.  I’m pretty stoked on it.

My dearest Silas has been slowly trying to find my boundaries with him and his big boy bed.  At first he rocked, wouldn’t leave it, waiting until I came to get him.  Slowly he’s progressed from that to getting out of bed and playing until I come in.  If he needed anything at night then he’d call me.  Then he moved to waking up, playing and then coming out of his room to my bed and asking for snuggles, and if it was time to be awake then I obliged.  NOW the darn little fella gets up in the night and crawls into bed with me.  Then I have to put him back to bed.  Last night it was SO hard to not let him stay.  He crawled in so nicely and asked for cuddles.  He was just cuddling SO nicely and I wanted to keep snuggling him but I KNOW that would open pandoras box so back to bed he went.  Brent and I are all for him sleeping with us if he’s sick or what not but…even though it’s hard to say no…I know saying yes will result in some co-sleeping that I’m not entirely up for.  Another habit to break, no thanks.

Speaking of habits, I need to get the soother out of his mouth.  Ugh…


  1. I got that Spirited book for Hadyn, haven’t read it yet but a friend of mine LOVES it. She reads it over and over. Good luck and have fun!

  2. Gottman is the best of the best in marriage research that’s for sure. His book is really practical, Ben and I read it on our honeymoon and we still remind ourselves of his principles.

  3. You think maybe Colin was high spirited…okay I’ll agree with you…MAN THE KID WAS SOMETHING ELSE… and he was fun and I loved him alot(still do actually).

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