New Job!

K well I’m a hoser and I didn’t tell you anything past us wanting Brent to get the job.  You can stop praying, fasting, whatever…he got it!  He actually started a week ago.  I can already notice how relaxed he’s getting since not having so much stress!!

Tomorrow he starts his first two courses they’ve got him enrolled in.  All this free schooling rocks.  He’s going to school all week this week.  THEN, this weekend…oh my….

WERE GOING AWAY ALL ALONE!!!!!  away away…to a different town…to stay…alone…without kids.  I’m so stoked.  My mommy is coming to watch the wee ones.  Woooot.

Anyway, so yes, his job sounds great.  He’s just a repair man for low income houses so he gets to do new things all of the time.  He’s not in charge of a million things anymore…ya a 30 million dollar housing project…1/2 on his head.

Let me tell you…PHEW.  I like having my non stressed Brent back.  It’s nice.  He’s a new man.

woot woot


  1. Yay for the weekend away without kids and for your mommy who can come play with your kids.Also yay for a less stressful job for Brent and you therefore.

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