100 Things part 1

So there’s this meme floating out there right now.  People write 100 things about themselves and I think I’ll do it over 4 posts here and there…when I have nothing to say and I still feel like dazzling you.  So here’s the first 25.  Prepare to be shocked and amazed….

1. I used to figure skate and it was my very favorite thing in the world but I sucked at it…and money was tight so I pursued singing.

2. I have my grade 7 vocal with the Royal Conservatory of Music

3. I went to Bible College.  My first year was a program where we’d do all the basic 1st year courses plus more and then on the weekends we go hiking, snowboard, tall ship sailing…etc.  The most fun I’ve ever had.

4. There’s only a handful of foods I can’t stand the taste of.  One of those is yams.

5. I went to 4 different elementary schools

6. My first job was at Diary Queen

7. I was the first to say I love you in my relationship with Brent, he didn’t say it back for a few weeks.  Ouch.

8. I used to be a member of Hearts on Fire Children’s Choir

9. I go to a Vineyard church

10. I love All Bran Buds and I’m eating them right now.

11. I have my labret pierced and I’m never taking it out cuz I LOVE IT. (sorry mom…at least I have medical now to pay for the damage?? maybe??)

12. I had braces for 10 months and my teeth look nearly the same.  I couldn’t wear my retainer, it made me gag.  My teeth were pretty much perfect to begin with though…

13. I went to Vancouver Community College to get my hairdressing certificate.  Which I’m still paying for in student loans…

14. I sometimes text my step-dad to tell him I’m pooping.

15. In high school I took a course on how to tie flies for fly fishing.

16.  I have my hunting license but no fire arms safety course so I can’t use it.  You just wait Bambi.

17. I used to sing the National Anthem at games at my Bible College.

18. I was a starter for my high school basketball team in grade 12, I was never pulled off the court…and we never won a game.  But I loved it with all my heart.  In grade 10 they wouldn’t even let me play.

19. I’ve been to Mexico, Cuba, all over US and Canada, Germany, France and Italy.

20. I actually have my American and Canadian citizenship.

21. I don’t have one first cousin on my mom’s side.

22. I sometimes weigh myself before and after a poop.

23. My bedroom is usually overun with unfolded clean laundry..it’s dumb.

24. I’m super duper allergic to horses and I think I’d have an anaphylactic reaction to one if I was made to brush it.

25. I’m also allergic to most other animals, I’ve reacted to cats, dogs, horses, cows mice and other rodents and also a baby Siberian Tiger.


  1. Oh my gosh – could we have anything more in common??

    basketball in HS, braces for 10 months, I used to sing the national anthem in a quartet for my High school basketball games… craziness.

    Although, i love yams. And what’s a labret? I have a feeling I might blush at your answer.. ha ha!

  2. It’s just below my lip in the middle. Before my wedding Grams said “you’re not walking down the aisle with that thing in your chin are you?” lol. It’s really tiny, hardly noticeable.

    You know I have another gf that I have everything in common with too but I have a feeling you and her would have nothing in common…weird hey?

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