An Ode

My love, when I first saw you, you were on a commercial.  I thought what they had to say about you couldn’t be as true as it sounded but you enticed me.  When I saw you in the aisle in Costco I couldn’t say no, especially after I found you were peanut free.

When I first tasted you it was a miracle in my mouth.  You weren’t as awful as I thought.  In fact, mixed with yogurt and Craisins you’re darn near incredible.  A treat for the senses.

And not only do you fill me up with wholesome goodness that lasts for hours.  The results have been amazing.  The ordure, helix amongst white porcelain.  It has shocking length for such an effortless attempt.  What a sight to see at the same time, every single  morning.  It makes me feel so vacant and free.  So satisfied.

And the weight loss is becoming astounding!!

Oh All Bran Buds, you’re the oil in my motor, the WD40 to my door hinge, the lube in my valve.  You make me a better person.


  1. haha! Love this! Oh the feeling of being vacant and free. It’s aaaahhhhhmazing. 🙂

    The second paragraph has me rolling. Just so you know. Mind in gutter. I can’t help it!

    Okay I’m just laughing over the entire thing.

    And was I the first comment for once! WOOT!

  2. “The ordure, helix amongst white porcelain.”

    Gross. You probably should have left the thesaurus alone on that one 🙂 I can’t erase the image from my head! Blech.

    This surely made me chuckle though – even inspired me to wait for my ancient computer to load your site in order to comment…

  3. Too funny…so I’ll go to bed laughing, and perchance I’ll dream of bran buds. Are they really that good?

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