12 Weeks Pregnant!

I can’t believe I’m 12 Weeks Pregnant already!! Ahhh! It’s almost time to say goodbye to the first trimester and morning sickness and hello to food and backaches. Getting out of this trimester is making this all seem a lot more real to me.

The bump is looking a lot more like an end of first trimester bump but this is my third baby and it has a hearty layer of insulation on it. It’s been hard thinking about a baby bump forming when I’m so much bigger than I was the last pregnancies. I’m used to seeing a fairly flat stomach turn into a bump, not a bump forming under a layer of bump. It’s ok though, I’m taking better care of my health and I plan to start walking very soon. As soon as small things aren’t making me gag. Which feels like it should be soon.

I’m definitely feeling better the last few days. Not so gaggy and not so sick. I’m really hoping this is the end but I’ve gone through days like this and gone back to feeling gross so my hopes aren’t up TOO terribly high. I’ve never been so grossed out in my life. The way I describe it is that feeling when you’re in a restaurant and you find a hair in your mouth and you’re pulling this super long hair out of your mouth. It’s being like that but constantly. Take whatever makes you gag and feel like that about almost everything. That’s how I feel. Gross right?

I can’t believe I’m back to pregnant blogging. I hope you all bare with me through this exciting time in my life. I know when I wasn’t pregnant or wanting to be pregnant I didn’t really care about pregnancy blog posts but I assure you I will have more content than this. IT’S JUST SO MUCH FUN RIGHT NOW!!!!

This is how a pregnant lady does watermelon.
This is how a pregnant lady does watermelon.







  1. That is how a Clearwater-ite (Clearwater-ian…? whatever.) does watermelon! Although, I do love when Ray cuts it up into bite-sized pieces and brings it to me…it takes ALL the work out of it 😀

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