Quite The Tumble

Yesterday Silas had a VERY good time discovering the great outdoors.  He ran back and forth on the deck for hours!! He was very cute to watch.  I think he had forgotten what sunshine is because where we live, we don’t see it that much this time of year.  Mark (step-dad) and I were about to leave for town to pick up my mom and Silas got to run around the from yard a little bit.  There’s a pretty steep hill on one side and part of it is full or bark mulch and juniper bushes.  I thought Silas was smart enough to not go down that part but apparently I was wrong.  He took off towards the hill and then tried to run down it.  This resulted in him face-first in a juniper bush and Mark running outside all frightened because I yelled “SILAS” loudly.  He wasn’t very hurt and I was laughing my head off because it looked really funny.  His face has a few scratches on it from that.  The bark mulch is all dishovled in that area, it makes me laugh to look at it.  I’m such a nice mommy aren’t I?

Silas also got to play with a doggie yesterday that just so happened to really like kids and was really gentle with kids.  I love his reaction to dogs.  There’s a lot of squeeking involved.  The doggie got some good licks of Silas’ face, after licking his own um, “self”.  Of course I didn’t mind too much.  At least it wasn’t my face and Silas loved it!  It’s so nice to have birthed another animal lover, clearly from my side of the family.

Silas has been rather needy this morning which is somewhat annoying but it does mean that I get a lot of cuddles.  I like it when I sit him down and then put my head on his chest.  We were on the couch for a long time like that today and I could hear his little heart beating so fast and the air filling his lungs.  He just sat back and played with my face gently.  It was nice, he’s so warm and squishy.  He’s sleeping now.  I should probably be taking a nap too.  I will once I’m done this I guess.  It’s sure hard to get myself to lay down for a nap.  I’d rather be on the computer or watching TV.

I guess that’s all.  I’m feeling rather uninteresting lately.  Have a nice day!


  1. There have been times I’ve laughed so hard at something my son’s done. One time he jumped off the counter and his pants hooked onto the handles and he ripped the entire cabinet door off! He’s laying on the floor in shock, prolly thinking “oh boy…. I’m in so much trouble….. but wait….. Mom’s rolling around the floor laughing?!” He was perfectly fine, just a little eye opener for him and all those times I’ve told him to be careful jumping down because he’s going to get stuck. It finally happened so I could say “See?!” 🙂 He brings this up all the time.

    There’s times it’s better to just laugh. If I laugh, then he laughs. If I freak out asking him if he’s okay, then he cries, even tho he’s not really needing to cry. I think sometimes Mom scares him more than the fall 🙂 Gotta love us even if we freak out over nothing sometimes! LOL

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