Notes From 100 Mile

Well, we made it to our destination but not without a few curve balls.  Silas pretty much freaked out in the vehicle after he woke up from a very short nap.  My mom and I spent a lot of time singing to him and it was “There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea” that got him happy again.  Right now his Grandpa Doolan is filming him crawl up the stairs and talk to himself.  He’s started calling Grandpa Doolan “Papa” which is rather adorable and enduring.  I couldn’t believe that Silas went right to sleep last night.  Didn’t mind that he was in a new house or a new bed, he just went right to sleep.  He did that with his nappy-poo also.

It’s so bright and sunny here, we’ve spent the majority of the afternoon on the deck enjoying the sunshine.  Silas just runs back and forth across it and is very entertained by his shadow.  I hear tears upstairs, oh well, “Papa” can handle it…I think.

Man, I love it out here.  I forget what quiet is actually like until I come out here.  I forget what stars look like as well.  Man oh man.  The only thing about 100 Mile House that bothers me is the dry air.  My lips and hands are always dry.  Other than that, it’s beautiful and I’m so glad I get to come out here and enjoy the amazing nature.  Other than all the dead pine trees though…stupid global warming.

Anyway, I’m going to prep a good old leg of lamb for some roasting.  My parents have this silly idea that we’ll stick it in the oven for a long time but I have other plans.  What’s a leg of lamb without blooood?  I’m all into the rare!  So I’ll go marinate it in something and have it ready to go.  We have to pick up mom in a few hours and then they’re viewing a house after that.

I miss my husband.

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  1. good luck with the lamb. i on the other hand, like things burnt. “extra well done” if you ask me. most wouldn’t agree with me.. maybe it’s a pregnant thing. 🙂

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