Swimming, Napping and a Potty.

So I went to the doc yesterday.  It was a fine experience except that he got mad at me for not napping.  I had a nap today, I hope he’s happy.  My pee was fine, my blood pressure was fine, my weight was….fine….I guess.  Napping is important so I’ve started even though I’m not the biggest fan.  Who likes making themselves get out of bed more than once a day?  It’s hard enough anyway.  Oh well, follow Dr.’s orders I guess.  Chim chim’s heart rate was great and he is now head down which makes me happy.  Another complication can be checked off the list.

Silas went swimming yesterday at the hotel that the in-laws are staying at.  He was slightly tentative at first but was soon jumping off the sides into my arms and going back and forth from the hot tub to the pool.  He had such a lovely time.  I couldn’t believe how wiped I was after that experience.  I’m such a water person myself, though, that I had to bring him back this morning.  His pool time was followed by a VERY long nap, much to my delight of course.

Tomorrow I’m off to the good old Cariboo region of BC.  I’m going to stay with my parents for a few days which will be loads of fun.  I wish it was summer so Silas could go swimming in the lake and whatnot.  I don’t think it’s good enough weather out there for sledding anymore so I guess we’ll do more indoor activities.  I really hope my mommy cleans my teethies.

My mom was near Babies World yesterday so I got her to pick up a Baby Bjorn potty for Silas to perhaps start trying out.  He’s very interested in the whole bathroom process and insists on coming in with me every time.  He announced the other day that he was going poo poo.  I thought I’d bring in the potty to just see if he’d have interest in it.  I know he LOVES peeing on the carpet so lets try for a potty.  It would be nice to have him trained sooner than later but I wont push the little booger.

Anyway, that’s it for today.  Silas and I have some alone time for a few hours because Brent’s at his 80’s band practice.  My husband is so cool.

Will this rain ever stop??


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